Thursday, April 07, 2005

Crashing back to earth

Cardiologist rang today. Not allowed to do any strenuous exercise until they confirm what (if anything) is wrong.

The cardiologist heard from the Brissie specialist and he agreed that the aorta is enlarged and abnormal compared to the rest of the heart. Given that my dad and aunt died from aortic aneurysms which is pretty much the aorta expanding and exploding, they have a pretty good reason to be worried!

The cardio is going to squeeze me in next week and do a thorough examination and talk about my options. He's also talking to some specialist at the Marfan's clinic at the RPA to see what he thinks, and he may send me there to get some special sort of blood test done to check for something. Can't remember what it was.... Something to do with the connective tissue.

So, no training for a while, but I'll keep cycling to work, and just see what happens. I'm pretty bummed about it, I was pretty excited about IM....


plu said...

Hang in there Saarah. I hope it all goes well.

Dave said...

Yes Sarah, keep the chin up!!

Easy for me to say but one step at a time. Don't try to second guess the outcome, thats why we pay these guys the big bucks!

Absolutely plenty of time up your sleeve for IM once they sort this out.

Look forward to meeting you over the weekend.

ewen said...

Take it easy Sarah. I hope it all works out and you're able to pursue your Ironman goal. It's great that you have a coach.

Enjoyed your IM story. Seeing what a tough day many have had at the end of these races is enough to 'uninspire' me. I hope I don't need 'catching' after the marathon and/or 50k on Sunday.

Carolyne said...


Hopefully they're just being cautious, and you'll be given the green light. As said, Hang in there and enjoy the pleasant cycling weather while it lasts!

The Owl said...

Hi Sarah. Fingers crossed for the appointment. I'm thinking of you.