Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another update

Got the reults of the "CT Thoracic Aortogram".

It says "Motion artefact is noted, particularly the images of the aortic root. On the axial images the aortic root appears a little prominent (43mm diameter), however, on the oblique reconstructions the appearances are within normal limits." It goes on with a bunch of other measurements, then says "There is no evidence of dissection nor aneurysm".

Final comment "No abnormality is identified on this modality".

I've got no idea what any of this means but it sounds good! Yayyyy!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Weeks training

60k over week commuting to work
50k easy ride this morning, so total of 110k for the week

Running - just intervals on Tuesday night. I'll just take the running (jogging!) really easy until I have conclusive results from the specialists!

Update on tests

The tests weren't ready yesterday, they said there was heaps to go through!

The cardiologist called me this morning (yes on a Saturday!) to have a chat. He said he noticed in the echocardiogram that something (something to do with aorta valve maybe) was quite prominent. He's not sure what that means yet, but is hoping these extra tests will tell him more.

He said he actually knows the 2 cardio's who wrote the story in the medical journal about my dad and aunt (over 20 years ago!) so he called the main guy yesterday who was also quite interested, and he asked my permission to consult with him. He's going to send him the video from the echo and the scans and see what this other guy thinks. I'm amazed at the level of service I'm getting from these guys, I'm quite touched!

He also said that he saw that there was a triathlon on tomorrow and was wondering if I was going in it. I said no, and he said he was quite relieved, and he felt much happier knowing I wasn't going to do it.

He said that when he was consulting with the other specialist they wondered if triathlon was a good sport for someone with that sort of family history to do. He apologised to me and said that cardiologists were very conservative people and like telling people to stop doing what they enjoy. I was just having a chat to mum about it, and I said that I couldn't just stop doing what I love because of what MAY happen, but she asked if was really worth risking it for triathlon. I don't know. I absolutely love this sport, I've gotten so much out of it. I guess I wait and see what the scans say. It seems as though I've gotten some of the best people in the business looking after me, so I'm certainly going to take their advice seriously, even if it's not what I want to hear.

I'm sure I can just modify my training rather than just give it up though...

Thursday, February 24, 2005


So I had the scans this morning - I didn't realise it was an angiogram where they inject the contrast dye into you!
So they explained it all to me, and said that I would feel really hot when the dye was injected, I'd get a metallic taste at the back of my mouth, and I may feel as though I've wet myself. Well, I was lying there, and the machine started making a noise which meant the dye was being injected, and I felt hot, and had the disgusting taste then.... Oh my God. I HAVE wet myself! I was sure I had. When I was allowed to move again, I wriggled around and I thought that MAYBE I hadn't after all. The stuff wore off after about 30 seconds, and once it had I realised that it was just the feeling from the dye, but gees it was weird to start with - I would have loved to have seen the look on my face!

I've just tried to drink an Up n Go, and the taste in the back of my throat is still there - I can't drink the bloody thing, the taste is too disgusting!

Should find out the results by about 3pm.

If they show up clear though, what action do I take regarding the chest pains?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I went to the cardiologist this morning for an echocardiogram. He was very interested in my family history (20 years ago, aunt died at 24 and dad died a couple of weeks later at 28, both of aortic dissection), so was very thorough in the examination. There was a fair bit he couldn't see (due to bones getting in the way) that he wanted to, so has sent me on for a CT aortogram (whatever that is!).

His view was that given that I'm doing a sport such as triathlon that can put a fair bit of strain on your heart, he'd like to be sure that there's nothing wrong. There's a possibility that there's something like a genetical weakness in the heart, and he said if he was me he'd be getting the extra scans done.

So I got to work at about 10:30am, and got a phone call from the imaging place at about 11:30 saying the doc had spoken to them and they'd like to book me in tomorrow morning to get the scans done! Talk about service!

Apparently they'll have results back tomorrow arvo, so can tell me then if there's any problems.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Cycled to work today, and went to running training straight from work.

Did 6 x 600 (200 easy) for the main set (the "short" set). Started getting sharp chest pains in the second 600, so lowed right down and took it easy. Seeing the cardiologist on Thursday so hopefully he can shed some light, or at least clear me!

Cycled to work both yesterday and today. Should be able to cycle in tomorrow and Friday as well, so should get 80k of cycling just from commuting. Aiming to do about a 60-70k ride on Saturday, but will see how the weather is :-)

Also forgot to mention did intervals last tuesday as well. Been a slack blogger (almost as slack as my actual training!).

Saturday, February 12, 2005

What a weekend...

Andrew had planned a weekend away for Valentine's Day for a while, but wouldn't tell me where we were going.

So we left Friday night (managed to find out it was Sydney by then, so luckily knew what to pack - very important...), and checked into the GORGEOUS Observatory hotel which is at the Rocks. This place was stunning - I've never stayed in a genuine 5 star hotel before I don't think! The bathroom was HUGE and had a beautiful shower and bath, the bedroom had a massive king sized bed with the most comfortable and cozy blankets and pillows I've ever slept on. Very impressive....

Then on Saturday morning we set off for the next mystery event which was a harbour bridge climb.

Then..... when we got to the top of the bridge..... he got down on one knee and proposed!!!!! Woohoo! Of course, I said yes.....

It was all very exciting and romantic. So we had that, then went back to the hotel to tell all of the family. My mum already knew (Andrew rang her to ask her permission to marry me - awwww) and of course big mouth that she is she'd already told nearly everyone else in my family!!! But still, everyone was very excited!

So, I have a nice sparkly ring on my finger which I'm terrified of losing - I don't wear rings and it feels funny!

Now, to plan the wedding...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Blood test

Had my blood test this morning to see what's happening with this virus - if it is a virus , if I still have it, and what sort it is.

The woman who did the blood test was bad as well!! The blood test I had a month or so ago wasn't too bad, but this one hurt! I don't know if she was wiggling the needle or something, but it bloody hurt until she took it out! I have a decent bruise as well. I hate blood tests....

So. We wait for the results...

20k or so commute (1.00 approx)

Rode the mtb to work and back today. Takes a little bit longer than the road bike (as you'd expect), but I think it's a bit more enjoyable...

Was supposed to swim tonight but went to the movies instead. Went and saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - I quite enjoyed it! A fun movie :-)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

5k run (.36)

Andrew was getting in from a day in Melbourne on a 7PM flight, so I decided to work back a bit, go for a run, then go straight to the airport. Did the same run as on Monday lunchtime and did it 6 minutes faster and even went a bir further!!

Felt much more comfortable - started off easy so the chest pains wouldn't set in and kept up a nice easy pace.

Kings to Commonwealth (long side) - 15 (16 monday),
Commonwealth Ave bridge - 3.30 (7 monday)
Commonwealth to Kings (short side) 9:45 (13 monday)
Kings Ave bridge - 4:11 (5 monday)

Plus about 4 minutes for a bit that I didn't do on Monday - included waiting for a break in traffic in a busy road. So probably didn't quite do 5k on Monday. I also only walked on the "up" bits of the bridge, and jogged the "down" bits.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday night: ~2k swim (1.00)

Once again felt sluggish. I was late home from work, and feeling a bit dehydrated, so got to squad and they were into the main set, so I went to the next lane and just did my own thing, then followed the main set for a little while. I also drank close to one full bidon of Gatorade within the first 20 mintes of squad - I was more dehydrated then I realised! So, especially after hearing of Horrie's dehydration collapse on the weekend, today is going to be DRINK DRINK DRINK!!

Was pleased to swim though. It made the day's efforts were 30k ride, 5k run, 2k swim. Slowly getting back into it!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Training over last couple of days

Saturday: Tough 50k cycle (2.00)- windy, and felt sluggish

Sunday: Missed long run due to having to time at local Corporate triathlon. Was exhausted in the arvo. Will get blood test done again tomorrow to see if virus is still hanging around.

Today: Cycle 30k (1.30) (commuting with backpack) - still felt slow

Run ~5k (.42) - only planned to do the short side of Kings to Commonwealth Ave and back, but got to C'wealth and felt like I'd done nothing, so did the 5k loop. Jogged from Kings to Commonwealth (short side) - 13 mins, walked over Commonwealth Ave bridge - 7 mins, jogged Commonwealth to Kings (long side) 16 mins, walked most of Kings Ave - 5 mins. Took a while to warm up, and started getting the chest pains whenever I was breathing heavy, so took it fairly easy, and walked the bridges.