Friday, August 25, 2006

General update

Just an update since it's been a while! I did my first Accounting exam last week, and all went well. It was an online exam, so obviously open book, and only worth 5%, but I got 90.7% which was nice. There's 4 of those though, so altogether worth 20%, so definitely worth trying to do well at!

I thought it was fairly easy and a little disappointed at "only" getting 91%, but I have a few contacts from my class that I speak to, and two got in the 60% range, one got 88%, and one of them has dropped the subject (she's full time) because it was too much, so I certainly feel pretty pleased! I was really scared of this subject, and while I realise I NEVER want to be an accountant, and it requires a lot of work, it's not as bad as I thought it would be, and I'm kind of enjoying it.

Actually the thing I'm enjoying is reading through the last page of each module first which has everything you should know by the end of the chapter, and understanding nothing, then doing the module, reading through it again, and actually knowing and understanding all of the objectives for that module. It's kind of proof at how much I'm learning each week, and it amazes me how much new stuff I can cram into my brain each week :) It's kind of feedback that what I'm doing is well worth it.

Anyway, so in other news, next weekend is a long weekend over here, so we're off to Yosemite National Park and we'll camp there for 2 nights, so we're really looking forward to that! We bought a book last weekend which had the 100 best hikes of Yosemite, so we'll have a good look through that and figure out what we really want to see.

We've also booked flights back to Australia for the end of November/start of December. I think we arrive on November 24th or something like that, and come back on December 8th. We'll spend a night in Sydney, the first weekend in Brisbane catching up with Andrew's family, the week at somewhere nice and relaxing (as in an actual holiday!!!!), the next weekend in Brisbane with my side of the family, a few weekdays in Canberra catching up with people there, then come home. So keep your diaries free!! :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Coolest. Film clip. Ever.

Go to this website of Swedish bank OK Go and check out the film clip for the song "Here it goes again" which is on the front page.

It's so well done! So original, fun to watch, cleverly choreographed and the song is really catchy as well. I've already watched it about 5 times today and I'm sure I'll watch it a few more times tomorrow :)

The website in general is fun for a browse if you have some spare time. :)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ho hum

Very busy. Working, studying, working, studying... Both are taking up a lot of time! Then, in between that I fit in some kitty playing time. That's about my entire life at the moment!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Lily posing :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Introducing Lily

Here's the latest addition to the family - Lily, a 10 week old kitten we adopted from the shelter. The poor little baby ended up at the shelter after she rode about 40k's in the undercarriage of a car before the people driving the car parked and discovered her! She was quite dehydrated and absolutely terrified.

Stumpy had been driving me nuts last week when I start working - trying to play at all hours when I was trying to sleep. And play involves attacking my legs, putting her paws under the sheets and trying to claw my back... Not very pleasant! So I was exhausted from working again, and spending all evening studying, then getting barely any sleep - certainly not much quality sleep! I mean, Stumpy is an awesome cat, she's a simply wonderful companion, she walks on a leash, plays fetch and generally is just a lovely cat, but this was too much. She's in her "terrible two's" stage, and has lots of energy to burn!

So we adopted a little friend for her on the weekend :) There was a couple of kittens who'd been there for a while who I really liked, but they'd all been adopted (even the ones that weren't at the top of my adoption list!), and there was barely any kittens there.

I was thinking that maybe we would have to wait and endure more sleepless nights, but they mentioned a really shy kitten who couldn't come out of her cage since she was so shy. I looked in her cage and saw this little face staring out at me with big eyes. I put my hand in, and she immediately rolled over so I could rub her belly, and started purring. I pulled my hand back, and she stood up and walked toward me while purring and rubbing up against my hand. She did the same for Andrew, and I knew this was our girl!

So the introductions have gone really well. We've had Lily for only 5 days, and while Lily often sleeps in her safe place in the spare room where she was confined for the first couple of days, she comes downstairs or we bring her downstairs, she spends ages going nuts playing with toys and running around and being chased by Stumpy :)

They've started wrestling, and we were a bit worried that Stumpy was being too rough, but today Lily was kicking Stumpy in the head back, and batting out at Stumpy's legs as she walks by :) And Lily walks up to Stumpy and rubs against her, and Stumpy licks her in return.

So they certainly seem pretty happy with each other, and I think Stumpy is enjoying having a new little sister! I haven't been woken up to her attacking me the last couple of nights, so that's excellent!! I do wake to her chasing Lily around, but that's just my mothering instinct :) My sleep is improving dramatically!