Thursday, December 30, 2004

No training for a while....

It's been a while since I trained regularly!! Been so busy with xmas!

Will also wait a bit before I get back into it. I've been really tired the last few months and have been yawning all day at work, and have had trouble concentrating on things even after a full nights sleep - almost always get 8 hours of solid sleep.

In the past week while we've been in Brissie to see the rellies, twice I've been very close to throwing up and passing out while standing in queues for things. I figure this and the tiredness really aren't good. Even while on holidays I'm exhausted and need to be in bed early!

We're wondering if my iron levels are low, so I'll get blood tests when I get back to Canberra and make sure everything's fine before I get back into training. Better to be on the safe side....

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Birthday run!

I'm another year older today, and 1 year off having a quarter life crisis :-)

Celebrated by doing a 10k run around Mt Ainslie with a bunch of other Bilbys, but seriously struggled! I haven't really run for a month so the hills really killed me!

I caught up with Andrew who was walking due to knee troubles, so walked the rest of the way with him. It was quite a pleasant morning - warm but with a nice breeze.

After that we all went to Debacle for brekky, and pigged out on pancakes with fruit and ricotta and fresh OJ - yum!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Quiet week

Haven't done much this week. Didn't cycle on Saturday due to needing to go get my car cleaned and out to the Canberra Car Fair to try and sell it, and spent all day Sunday at the Canberra Half Ironman co-ordinating an aid station on the run.

Had a ball at the aid station, Bilbys always run it well and this year was no exception. We had 50+ incredibly keen (and loud!) volunteers who made sure every competitor got what they needed when they needed it.

I've now volunteered for the Forster Ironman as well for next year. I've asked to be a catcher (helping the ironpeople after they cross the finish line, catching them if needed...), or in the recovery tent. Should be an awesome experience.

Just have to get back into training so I can do one myself one day.... I was going to do the Canberra Classic distance race on Jan 30, but I really don't know if I'll be ready!! I haven't got any weekends free at the moment, and I don't have many free in January either, so if I want to do it I'm going to have to get motivated and start doing a lot of early morning sessions. Not sure if this is going to happen with christmas so close though. We'll see...

Friday, December 10, 2004

Run this morning

Managed to run into work this morning! Left the bike at work yesterday arvo, and Andrew had to leave early to get the car into Bridgestone to get the tyres replaced, so I figured it was a good time to attempt the run into work.

It's only about 4 k probably, but with a backpack with all my work gear and after not running for a month, that was plenty! I quite enjoyed it, and it took me 36 minutes, which I reckon I can get down fairly soon once I get back into regular running again!

Got a lift home as it was pissing down with rain, but I'll definitely try running in again. Running home's a bit more uphill so that could be hard after a long day with the backpack.... :-)

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hartley photos

Photos from the Hartley Challenge can now be found at

Monday, December 06, 2004

Swimming- quite tough!

Went to swimming tonight and it's been over a month since I went to squad (due to Noosa, being sick etc) so I knew I would struggle.

Our lane did 3.6k and I reckon I'd be lucky if I managed to do 3k.... I just felt like a dead weight in the water, my stroke was choppy and horrible, and after 50m I was feeling pretty knackered! I was also late to training which didn't help!

Hopefully I'll just need a few sessions to get back into it. Dreading my first run back now...

Not a broken bone!!

I mentioned yesterday how we thought a girl broke her arm on the Saturday ride.

Turns out (this is second hand so info could be slightly wrong) she just burst the blood vessels on either side of her arm which accounted for the swelling and the colour, and sprained the ligaments which accounted for the pain. Very very lucky!!!! If the pain and swelling hasn't subsided by wednesday though, she has to go back for x-rays.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Weekend: Broken bones (not me) and more

I didn't end up swimming Friday evening. Too much to do!! Didn't end up getting to bed until nearly midnight either which was annoying!

Got up Saturday morning for the ride though and just went with the short group (with all the novices) as an "experienced rider" and because I wasn't sure if my legs were up to the medium group ride of Cotter/Uriarra yet!

They were a bit all over the place, but being at the front and leading the ride it was a bit hard to see what was going on behind me, and Murray at the back was hanging with the last rider who was dropping off fairly often so he wasn't able to do much yelling either (constructively of course!!).

We were about halfway through the ride when I heard the unmistakable sound of cyclists going down, then everyone was yelling "cyclists down" etc, so we all screamed to a stop, threw our bikes to the side of the road and went running back to the others.

At first glance everoyne was ok. Three went down - one had some impressive looking grazes all down her arms and legs, the other had taken some pretty big chunks out of the end of his fingertips, and the other was wandering around with not really a scratch. One of the guys front wheels wasn't turning properly so we fixed that up, started cleaning up grazes, and Natalie (who had been wandering around seemingly uninjured), suddenly said "I think my arm's a bit lumpy". Uh-oh. We all peered at her arm and it was certainly looking very swollen and definitely a bit lumpy! "Can you move your fingers?" "Kind of, hmm, well not really" "Can you bend your wrist?" "Ummm.... no". Crap.

Murray always rides with a bandanna on his head to keep from getting a helmet tan on his shaved head, so he took that off and made it into a sling to stop her from moving it and to elevate it, we called someone who wasn't too far away and had a bike rack, and got her to lie down while we waited. The girl with the grazes said her parents lived close by, so Murray rode with her back to her parents place, and Natalie wasn't looking too bad (apart from feeling a bit sore and a bit in shock), so Alice and another guy stayed with her until she got picked up, and the resy of us continued on our ride as there was nothing more we could do.

It's always scary when this happens, nobody really knows wat to do. It was the first time I've been on a ride when someone's crashed, and I felt useless and didn't really know what to do myself. Might go update my first aid certificate...

Not sure how Natalie is, but she works at Canberra Hospital which is where she got taken, so she'll be in good care. Hopefully it's just fractured, but arms aren't generally as lumpy as it was, so it may be broken unfortunately. Poor thing. I'll give her a call and see how she is.

Natalie and the girl next to her were both on mountain bikes (very common at the start of the novice program), and they touched handlebars and didn't have the experience to safely untangle themselves which is what caused them to crash. The guy behind them didn't stop in time, and so went straight over the girls, but everyone else managed to stop in time. Lucky we weren't going too fast.

In other news we also had Alice and Stacie's hen's party (Alice couldn't help but think of how unattractive grazes look in a wedding dress as they crashed in front of her and hoped for the best). We just spent the arvo at Stacie's drinking champers, playing with 9 month old Lucy, and generally just hanging out. After that we went to Shogun Teppanyaki restaurant for an entertaining dinner, and went for a few drinks with the hen's dressed in their colourful wedding veils, "Bride" t-shirts and other interesting paraphenalia (details to remain secret!!).

Typical triathletes, we were all home by 11:30pm (including both hen's), but it was certainly a fun evening!

Nobody was feeling terribly energetic this morning so when we all met for our 9am run around Mt Ainslie, we decided to make it an hour long hilly walk instead and it was really enjoyable!!! Much nicer than running.... :-)

After that it was brekky for Rich's birthday, and shopping for chrissie pressies and shopping for a dress and shoes forAlice's wedding next weekend.

This week I will be getting back into all my training sessions after my break. Since the Noosa tri in early November I've done nothing as we had a week of enjoying being on holiday in Noosa, two weeks of being sick and trying to recover for the Hartley Challenge, then one week of recovering from the Hartley challenge, so it's really been a month since I did much training!! Could be a tough week...

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ride this morning

The bilbys Wednesday morning ride was on this morning and I knew I'd still be feeling sore and sorry for myself after the weekend, but I felt I needed to get my legs moving, so I figured I'd join the novice group for their ride.

Alarm set for 5:30 am (!!!), managed to get up, get to my bike, get all ready to go, check my tyre pressure only to discover the back tyre was completely flat. D'oh. Last time I tried to change that tyre I got the shits after about 40 minutes of just trying to get the tyre off and ended up taking it around to David Baldwin and Julie Quinn's for help!! This was also only a week ago.

Called Gary Rolfe and said I'd got a flat, would change it and catch them on the Federal Highway. I figured that way i would feel as though I had to change it and join them rather than just giving up and going back to bed...

Managed to be on the road within about 20 minutes which I thought was impressive, and started cycling and realised my legs felt like lead!! As I got to the Federal Highway a guy by the name of Nick (who I'd never met before) was also cycling along, so we rode together for a while chatting away. It was great to have someone else to talk to- took the mind off the pain in the legs!!

Managed to cruise along and before too long the legs were feeling fine, just a bit heavy and slow. Saw the novices on the other side of the highway on the old Federal Highway about a k before the Sutton turnaround, so just jumped across to the other side of the road and caught up with them just as they were joining the (new) Federal Highway.

I think it's a 30k ride (plus another few k's to work) and was glad I went to get the legs moving. Feel better for it, and it rained this arvo and got chilly again so glad to get it in while I can!!!

Half marathon intention

I went and saw James Barker for a massage last night to help loosen me up after the whole crazy 350km bike ride thing (and felt surprisingly not too bad!), and I mentioned I don't really have a short term goal at the moment.

I want to do a half ironman at the end of next year so have to think about that, but I needed a goal to keep me working towards something challening. James suggested the Weston Creek Half Marathon on March 13th. Perfect!

I'm not a good runner and need to seriously do some more of it, and a running goal is probably just what I need March is a good time too. Not too soon, not so far away that it's not considered a short term goal.

I'm only doing 10k long runs on a sunday at the moment with my 1 interval session and 1 medium run/2nd interval session (depending on how I'm feeling) so really need to get a good training program that builds up my long runs, keeps my 1 track and medium set consistent, probably add one more run in as well as keep up my cycling and swimming. Phew....

On top of this I also need to put aside time for work, house stuff, probably some rest and most importantly - Andrew time!! :-)

Monday, November 29, 2004

Noosa 2004

It's about 3 weeks after Noosa now and I'm finally getting around to a race report!

There was about 12 Bilbys who were all staying together plus a few others who were racing but staying elsewhere.

We got to Noosa on the Thursday before the race, and spent Thursday flying and driving to Noosa, checking into the apartments, putting our bikes together, shopping and just generally getting ourselves organised. I couldn't put my gear cable back onto the place it was supposed to go so had to fiddle with the gears and ended up doing a quick trip to the local bike shop for a gear service to get it fixed.

They said to leave it overnight which meant I couldn't ride with everyone else Friday morning, so went for a 30 min run instead and quite enjoyed it! It was really muggy as it had been raining, but nice to be in the warmth as canberra had been so cold!

Finally got my bike back, then we all headed down to transition to look at the tri expo. Mmmmmm so much cheap stuff!!! Bought myself some gels, a t-shirt, swimmers and a few other bits and pieces, then we grabbed some lunch from one of the many nearby cafes and headed down for a swim on the course.

As like last year the water was very salty so felt fantastic to swim in, and we did a 1k easy loop and spent the rest of the arvo pottering around Noosa. We went back to the apartments and went for a test ride on my bike and everything was feeling great!

Saturday we checked our bikes into transition nice and early then spent the rest of the day hanging in the coffee shops, shopping, eating, shopping and eating some more!! The gelati at noosa is fantastic!

Had a great day and just ensured I kept the fluids up as much as I could.

Race day woke up feeling excited and ready to race! Got myself organised and we headed to the race start and yep it was raining. It hadn't really stopped raining since we got there, it was just on and off the entire time. It finally let up and we got ourselves numbered, got transition ready and went down to the swim start. It's just an awesome sight going for a warm up swim and turning aroud to see a swarm of 3000 or so bright coloured caps on the waters edge!

In the swim the first thing that happened was a nice whack to the head from the person beside me, but I just took it easy and kept a nice pace going. I thought the swim seemed heaps longer than last year- anyone else find that??? Came out in 28 minutes (1 minute slower than last year), but wasn't too fussed. I'd started getting a sore throat and the beginnings of a head cold/sinus infection that morning so was having trouble breathing on the swim and was happy just to finish it!!

I'd left my bike shoes in transition which I was quite glad about- heaps of people were struggling to get their feet into their shoes and I didn't want to have to deal with that in the wet! I felt great on the bike- just got down on the aero bars and started passing people! Got to the hill and my lack of hill work became evident as people passed me with ease, but I kept going and got to the top of the hill with no dramas, jumped back down on the aero bars and the right aero bar dropped! Mustn't have tightened it enough sad.gif I even rode on Saturday morning and pushed down on the bars hard to make sure they were tight and they didn't slip then! From then on the ride was a bit more tough as that really threw me and I lost concentration. Everytime I got down on the bars I felt unstable. I also then noticed that my handlebars were no longer straight either!!! No idea how they got off centre.... I had to stop to straighten those which was annoying. Eventually finished the ride in 1:23 after dodging about 3 people (all Clydesdales which was interesting...) who didn't know how to successfully overtake without almost clipping my wheel!!

Got onto the run which is my really weak leg and plodded for a few k's until my legs got into it, and then plodded a bit faster once I hit the turnaround. I was hoping to do under 3 hours, and with 3 k's to go my watch said 2:39. Had to do 7 minute k's for the last 3 k's when I was stuffed. I was pretty confident I could do that, so sped up a bit, and it took me 7:30 for the 8th k. Do'h! Run a bit faster..... 7:30 for 9th k. Do'h!!!!! Oh well, just finish it and enjoy the last k! So I waved at people, clapped kids hands as I ran past them (which got huge cheers!), and just had a ball! Unfortunately I ran past the guy who died as he was getting CPR and the ambulance was arriving. It was quite sobering, but I realised how lucky I was not only to be able to do the race, but to finish it as well, and had a huge grin on my face as soon as I saw the finish line and ran across with my arms in the air, extremely happy in 3:02 with a 1:10 run which is a PB for me in any 10k run (I've only done a few!) and about 4 minutes faster than last year.

Now that I've finally gotten myself into a regular running regime I can't wait to improve more over the next year and beat my time again in Noosa next year!

After the race we swam, ate, shopped, ate, shopped, ate.... blush.gif and also went walking around Kondalilla Falls, Mt Ngungun and shopping at the Eumundi Markets. Absolutely love Noosa and the race which is so well organised. Can't wait for next year!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hartley Challenge 2004

Sarah's blog

Holy freaking hell. Who would have thought riding from Canberra to Mt Kosciusko and back would be so tough huh?

I've just returned from doing the Hartley challenge, which is a 3 day fundraising for Hartley House.

My arse hurts, I'm chafed in places you don’t want to know about, my fingers hurt from my gloves, I have blisters on my feet and my neck and shoulders are killing! Let me start from the beginning.

When I was asked to be part of a team I thought 450k's over 3 days to the highest point in Australia, how hard can it be? Well I found out.

Day 1 was cycling from Canberra to Jindabyne which was a ride of 174 k's. Might I add here that the longest ride I've done in one hit is about 85k. Well, I didn't get to bed until nearly midnight the night before as I was doing stuff for the tri club committee then had to pack still and pick up my partner who was out. When the alarm went off at 5am I was still feeling pretty wrecked. So we got out there, I met my team and asked if they'd had any bunch riding experience. "I've only started riding with my mate recently". Great... Our team (Rotary) was joined with a team from Fyshwick Fresh Fruit Markets, and we split into a medium and a fast group. I went in the medium group and we had about 16 riders in our pack. We had a good mix of some experienced people, some new people, young people and older people - the oldest being 74 years old!!! We set out pretty higgeldy piggeldy as everyone got used to riding together, and our support vehicle got used to working out where to drive and how close to be and so on. We finally got into a rhythm and rode.

We had quite a few short stops while people got water, sunscreen, and got used to riding both together and riding full stop! We finally stopped in Bredbo which is about 70k out of Canberra where the "chow wagon" had stopped with fresh water, staminade, fruit, sunscreen etc. After a bit we pressed on and boy did this section drag! After Bredbo I started getting stomach cramps which were horribly painful, especially with all the hills! I'd been using gatorade powder, and didn't realise they had staminade (it looked the same), and I've had tummy problems before with staminade so I put it down to this. It was only about 40k until our lunch stop so I figured I could handle it for "only" 40k. Little did I realise how many hills there were! As well this my knee was really hurting and I was generally uncomfortable so I put my bike into the support vehicle and got a lift after about 25k of pain. At Cooma they'd put on a great lunch so we all dug in and socialised with all the other teams that were there (I think there was about 220 riders) and got ready for the last 70k to Jindabyne. Dave, the 74 year old guy had cycled all the way to Cooma (110k) without a break, but decided to stop there as he lived in Cooma and said he'd rejoin us the next day.

We got ourselves organised and I rejoined the group and we set off. There were even more hills on the way and some of these were killers! We managed to cruise along at about 25kph on the flats and had a nice little bunch going. My knee was still really sore though, and (as always happens) I overcompensate and my back gets really sore as well. We got to a drink stop at Berridale and we were warned of the big hill coming up and I just said bugger it I'm getting back in the bus!! So that was quite nice and damn that hill was steep! I jumped back on the bike along the road and cycled into Jindabyne where our accommodation was. We were staying in the Jindabyne Winter Sport Academy and there's a little heartbreaker of a hill that leads upto it from Jindabyne itself. It was so bloody steep that after 100m of cycling at 5kph I decided to give up and walk like everyone else. The bus came by at this point as well so I just threw my bike in the back and jumped in. So first day I cycled about 120km which beats my old PB by about 35 k's (not to mention all the hills as well!)

Accommodation was basic, but not too bad. Food was FANTASTIC!! Lots of yummy pasta, fresh fruit and other great stuff you'd want after a days cycling. There was also massages happening which was appreciated.

Day 2 was the dreaded Jindabyne to Charlotte's Pass ride. 15k of climbing with almost no break. I told our support vehicle they'd need to drag me off the ground before long. So we made our way out there pretty easily and started climbing. Holy crap. It just did not stop. I had to get off the bike after 5 k's as it was so steep, there was no way to let go of the handlebars to get water as you'd fall off. The support vehicle came racing over to check on me but while it was tough I was coping. I got back on the bike by cycling across the lanes to get enough momentum to get my feet in the pedals and kept climbing..... A few k's later I had another break where there was a bit that was gloriously not too steep (still not flat) The team was going really well though and everyone was pretty pumped. Off we went again and had our first slight downhill in 10k and enjoyed it while it lasted! Then it was back to climbing! Finally got over the 15k of the "worst bit" and was pretty pleased with myself for getting that far! In that whole time there was no flat bits and only 2 small downhills. Everyone said it was easier from there. They lied. We got to another 3k climb that was so steep. I was averaging 8kph and really struggling, so finally stopped before I fell off my bike and decided to walk up the hill because dammit I'd gone that far, I wanted to go the whole way without the buses assistance! So I took my shoes off, threw them on my aero bars and started walking - I was only 3kph slower than trying to ride! It was much more pleasant as well. People were coming past, saying hi, checking I was ok. I got back on the bike near the top of the hill and realised my feet were a bit sore. Then the more I rode the worse my feet were! I was pretty sure at that stage that walking a kilometer up a hot steep road in socks was a bad idea! I plugged on for another 10k with Dave (the old guy) and commented that it was nice to have the youngest and oldest riding together! My feet were really hurting with every pedal stroke and I saw another big hill coming up and it broke me. I couldn't do it. I'd gotten a big blister on the ball of my foot just below the 2nd and 3rd toes and that was just where I was pushing the pedal with each stroke. Every push was agony. I got in the support bus feeling pretty disappointed and got a lift the rest of the way while we stuck behind Dave and saw him power up hills past people 1/3 of his age! The 45k took us 4 long hours.

Got to the top of Charlotte's Pass and would you believe- there was still snow!!! It looked beautiful. I was all set to walk to the summit, but my feet were really sore just to walk and I realised it was an 18k round trip to the summit. Bugger that!! You could only walk or mtb (most of the way) and I was too sore and tired! We had some yummy soup and bread, and stood in the snow enjoying the fact that we were in the snow in shorts and t-shirt!

We had some group photos and listened to speeches from 2 of the girls with disabilities who the charity supports and they were lovely. They were so excited and a few of us had tears in our eyes!! I also got my blister padded which made it easier to walk and therefore possible to cycle.

From them on we could leave when we wanted, so we set off pretty soon looking forward to all the hills we'd just climbed up! Unfortunately we didn't realise how steep the downhills were that we had gone down! There were a few heartbreaking hills and I was pretty much on my own at that stage as some from my team had gone ahead, and the others were slower than me (imagine!), so had nobody to draft off for these hills! So I made my way up and FINALLY got to the downhills!!! WOOHOO!!!! Unfortunately the headwind was also quite a scary crosswind and any more than about 45kph and you'd be getting death wobbles! So I took it easy going down averaging about 40kph and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Kosciusko National Park. I met up with Dave and we cycled together for a bit until I realised with those crosswinds it was way too scary to have someone next to you! We got off the road to Kosciusko Rd and down to the main road toward Jindy and the wind was throwing me from the edge of the lane to the middle of the lane! Finally got to the heartbreak hill to the accommodation, walked up it, and got back happy with knowing I did 75 of the 90k roundtrip and managed the hardest bit. It took us about 4 hours to get up and 1 1/2 hours to get back! It was also only about 3:30pm when we got back so had plenty of time for a really good stretch, rest, catch up on the cricket and just relax!

That night they had presentations for the team who'd raised the most money, and thanked the sponsors and also told us that we'd raised something like $226,000!!! 5 years ago on the first ride there was about 10 riders and they raised about $10,000. This years effort was amazing. The event has grown so much.

So finally last day and we're heading home!! Packed up and on the road by 7:10am, but I decided to go on the bus out of Jindy as the downhill going in to Jindy (when you first see the lake) is awesome, which means horrible to get back out of! A few of us didn't want to do it and be stuffed for the rest of the ride, so waited until Berridale where we were itching to ride! It was 150k to Canberra then and I was determined to ride the whole thing. We had an AWESOME ride from Berridale to Cooma which I think was about 30k. We had a tailwind, plenty of downhills, the bunch was working well together and we just flew. We probably averaged around 30kph the whole way (which is fast for me!), and loved it. Stopped in Cooma for drink stop, and headed toward Bredbo. All of a sudden the tailwind was a headwind and it was TOUGH. We'd also decided to keep rotating the bunch leaders constantly by continuously rolling around and it just wasn't working. Everyone was tired and cranky, the headwind was horrible and there was hill after hill after goddamn hill. We eventually stopped to talk about how our bunch was going with the whole rolling thing, got a few things sorted out, and the rest of the way to Bredbo was tough, but we weren't all getting annoyed at each other which was good!

Finally got to Bredbo for the lunch stop and a drink and kept going. Canberra was only 70k away!! And 70k isn't far right...

That last 70k was hell. A couple of the riders from the other team had left us, so it was just our Rotary team left and we all got on well and were very supportive which made it easier, but the headwind was horrible. Every time you got to the front you got knocked sideways from the wind, but as we were rolling constantly you didn't spend too much time at the front which was good. Also by this time it was really hot, our feet were swollen and sore, everyone was tired and aching and every hill seemed so long and every km seemed to take forever. We stopped at Michelago petrol station for a break and we were only about 40 k from Canberra and apparently the last 20k or so had no hills and was easy. That first 20k though was horrible. The only thing keeping me on the road was "I've gone this far and am SO close, I can't stop now". We'd seen a lot of team buses with most of the team on the bus so we were pretty pleased to still all be out there. One guy from our team had stopped as his gear cable was busted and he couldn't change the front chain ring so was knackered, but everyone else was out there. We worked really well, kept the chatter up, gave each other heaps and stopped whenever someone needed to and finally got to the last 20k! Once again we thought 20k isn't really far, but after 430k's of cycling in 3 days for some people, about 325 for me, it was just too long. To be so close to home and yet so far was soul crushing. It took forever and there was still small hills to get up. It was a major mental battle to keep going. I never realised how far it was from the "Welcome to the ACT" sign to get to Canberra itself!

We eventually got to Fyshwick (we started and finished at the food markets) and it was just a wonderful sight. Everyone was so pleased to have finally made it.

In summary, it was really tough both mentally and physically, but it was an amazing ride, and did more than I thought I was able to. To complete 345k's in 3 days (and 150k in one day) including so many monster hills is just awesome, especially when my previous best for a day is 85 k of relatively flat riding! It was also at least 30 degrees C every day with blazing sun which does NOT help! My bum hurts where my glutes meet my hammies, and my blister is bloody sore and still painful to walk on, and my shoulders and killing but to be part of such an amazing event was incredible. The organisers do an incredible job, and it's incredibly safe, and you feel great knowing you were part of something that will help so many people with disabilities.

And for the record, Dave completed day 2, but decided to give day 3 a miss, so completed about 270k's in 2 days including making it to the top of Kosciousko and back at age 74. Amazing. As well as that, the majority of our team cycled the whole way, and the only other girl and I both held our own in the packs and kept with the fellas! If anyone else can get involved in this ride next year I highly recommend it.

Now for some more food, water, and rest.... And if you're STILL reading this, I'm impressed.

Pics at 6am Friday morning and on our return today can be found at I hope to have ride pics up sometime soon.

Oh and for interests sake-

Day 1- 174.4km with 1968m total climbing
Day 2- About 90k with 1704m climbing
Day 3- 174.4km with 1509m climbing

and a total of about 26 hours on the road.

Noosa 2004

And to those who are asking- the Noosa report is coming soon!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Taper starting REALLY early!

The Noosa triathlon is next Sunday (7/10/04) and I should be having a fairly heavy training sesion this week. I'm not. Just don't have the motivation for it. So I figure if I'm not fit enough now, I'mnot going to be fit enough. I also figure if I push myself to train when I really don't feel like it I'm going to blow up next week. Whereas if I take it easy, enjoy the break, and just keep my legs going with some easy sessions, by the time I get the energy back I'll be pumped up and raring to go.

We'll see if I get a run in tomorrow....


Just testing!