Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Kitty's better, I'm ok

LC was pretty much herself again by Sunday night! She's been fine all week as well, so maybe she was just feeling a bit ill from the vets.

As for me, I'm ok. I had a shocker of a migraine yesterday. It started off with not being able to see my computer screen properly, then realising that my right eye just wasn't working. I couldn't focus on anything, and I started getting really giddy. I thought I just needed to get out for a walk and clear my head, but that didn't help, and I started getting a headache, when I realised that the blurred vision, headache and oncoming nausea was the start of a migraine, so I just packed up and said I was leaving (at 11am!) and got to the car and headed off home while I could still drive! It was pretty scary - I was feeling really nauseous, my right eye was all blurry, and twice I drifted off the road!

I finally made it home just as the pain was starting to set in, and raided the medicine cabinet only to remember that we cleaned out all of the out of date stuff recently (which was most of it!) and the only drugs we had were regular paracetemol. I took 2 and went to bed, but they so did not cut the mustard. My head was just throbbing on one side, like someone had just hit me with a sledgehammer and I was in so much pain that I couldn't sleep.

Our kitty must have sensed something was wrong, as she has often curled up on the bed with us, but she snuggled into my neck purring as if to help the pain. It was very cute :) I eventually fell asleep and spent 6 hours in bed just sleeping and resting. I got up once for the toilet, and as soon as I got up my head started throbbing again and I got waves of nausea. By about 5:30ish the worst had passed and I just had a dull ache in my head.

The dull ache is still there today, as well as some stiffness and a general heavy feeling in my head. I'm so glad I rarely get migraines!!!!!

As for the cardiologist, I'm still waiting, and still hearing nothing. I called AGAIN last week and his receptionist called back and said "the doctor has spoken to Professor Jeremy and will call again this afternoon to see if there's any news". Pfft. I've found a website about this professor in Sydney, Professor Jeremy. There's an email address for him, I wonder if it's worth dropping him an email? Hmmm....

Saturday, May 28, 2005

We broke our kitty

The poor little thing seems really depressed today! She's been hiding in a wardrobe most of the morning. Before she was completely food driven, but she didn't finish her dinner last night, and she hasn't gone near her brekky. I took some dry food to her and she wouldn't touch it! I also went to pat her before when she was within patting range, and she crouched down and crawled under the bed where she hasn't come out from since.

We have a few theories:

1. We've been out late the last 2 nights and she's been here on her own with no heater or anything like that and she hasn't liked it and is sulking.

2. She's just depressed and maybe isn't settling in as well as we thought. She's been really fine all week though, and don't know why she'd change now, unless it's due to theory 1. Maybe she thinks we're abandoning her??

3. We took her to the vet yesterday for vaccinations and a general check up. She really didn't like getting put into the carry cage. Maybe she's reacting to the vaccinations and worming? Maybe she's sulking about having to go to the vet?

4. She's now had 2 supervised visits outside and the entire time she was swishing her tail like crazy and was very jumpy. Maybe she didn't like outside and it freaked her out? Maybe she didn't like being confined to the back courtyard? She hasn't tried to get out again since. We let her out onto the balcony from our bedroom and she swished her tail for a bit then came inside again. Doesn't seem too keen to be out there.

5. The plastic bag she ate is finally catching up with her???

6. Maybe she's sick?

We should be home tonight, so hopefully we'll be able to spend some quality time with her and she'll come good again....

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bad taste?

I logged onto the ninemsn website as apparently they had audio and video feeds of the Schapelle Corby trial (ok, so I'm as bad as the rest of them...) and while the video was loading up, there was an ad for ninemsn search. So while waiting for footage of the Corby case I was treated to the theme music for ninemsn search - "See you alligator....." I was a little surprised that this got through! I tried again to watch what was going on a little while ago, and that ad was no longer on. I wonder if someone complained and it got quickly pulled??

Edit: nope, it's still playing.....

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hungry kitty!

Apparently we haven't been feeding LC enough, so she took matters into her own hands and found the open bread bin!

Monday, May 23, 2005

LC the cat

Here’s the newest member of our family – LC the cat.

She’s the cutest little thing! She’s 10 years old, and had to be rehomed from a girl who was moving into an apartment. She was about to go to the RSPCA if we didn’t take her, so we’re glad we could give her a good home!

She’s very small for a cat (the runt of the litter apparently), and she’s very affectionate, and quite talkative – she’ll quite happily meow back to you if you’re talking to her. She’s also been great with the sleeping arrangements too! Andrew didn’t want her on the bed, so we put a blanket that came with her over a beanbag in front of the wall heater in the lounge room (and turn the heater off before we go to bed, but the lounge room stays fairly warm), and she quite happily sleeps there all night so far! Andrew had to get up stupidly early today, and I noticed that we hadn’t seen or heard from her all night, so I wondered if the lounge room door had managed to close and lock her in, so I went to the kitchen and turned on the light there and the door to the lounge room was ajar still and I poked my head in and she was curled up in the beanbag still looking very cosy! She gave me a very excited little meow when she saw me, and ran upstairs after me and curled up on the bed with me. Very cute!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Starting again

Finally getting new cards and things again - yayyy!! I now have a brand spanky new credit card, debit card and drivers license. I'll be getting a new purse tomorrow and mannn it's gonna be empty!! I need a new handbag as well, so will feel like a brand new Sarah.

Also starting "exercising" again. Nothing full on, and I have been cycling to work, but I went for an hour long walk around Mt Ainslie last Sunday, and have an easy ride planned for Saturday.

I've still heard nothing from the cardiologist except that he'll call me as soon as he hears anything from the specialist in sydney, whether it be after hours or the weekend!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Society is going to poo

Last night for the first time ever probably, I left my purse in my car after I got home. I'd been out and taken my purse out of my handbag so I didn't have to lug my handbag around, and when I got into the car I must have just thrown my purse into the center console. When I got out of the car, I would have just grabbed my handbag and my purchases from earlier in the evening without even giving thought to my purse.

I searched for my purse this morning, and realised what I must have done last night. So I got to my car which was parked in our driveway in a townhouse complex and the window was smashed and of course my purse was missing. It's the first time I've left something of value in my car, and the first time my car window has been smashed. Coincidence?

I saw a dog walker and asked if he'd keep a lookout for my purse on his walk, and it turns out he owns the motel just near us. He said in the 11 months they've been there they've been broken into twice - people have come in while they've been sleeping! The second time there was no sign of forced entry so they reckon they must have forgotten to lock the door, and they reckon that's the first time they'd done that as they're office is i their residence so they're pretty careful.

I think there's just losers around who regularly check doors and look in all the cars not garaged just looking for an opportunity.

What do they get? $15 from my purse.

What do I get? The hassle of cancelling my bank cards and getting them reissued (ohhh and I have to learn new PIN's!), getting all of my other cards reissued, having no way to pay for things without borrying money off Andrew until they reissue my cards, pay to get the window replaced, dealing with the stress of having to do all this, ringing up the people I bought bike stuff off last night that was processed with a manual credit card machine and having to apologise because my card was declined due to me cancelling it and being 1 hour late for an important work thing I was supposed to be at. Got to get my drivers license reissued, which costs $26 which I can't pay for without Andrew's assistance. The Police did kindly inform me that if I do get pulled over before I get it reissued that they may fine me for not having a license on me!!

It's just SUCH a pain, and I've also got things like PADI dive card, library card, tri club card and little things like that to try and replace. Who knows what else I had in there that I've forgotten about. I had a few sentimental things in there as well. I hope the bastards at least have the decency to dump what they don't want from my purse somewhere that people will find it and get it back to me.