Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Society is going to poo

Last night for the first time ever probably, I left my purse in my car after I got home. I'd been out and taken my purse out of my handbag so I didn't have to lug my handbag around, and when I got into the car I must have just thrown my purse into the center console. When I got out of the car, I would have just grabbed my handbag and my purchases from earlier in the evening without even giving thought to my purse.

I searched for my purse this morning, and realised what I must have done last night. So I got to my car which was parked in our driveway in a townhouse complex and the window was smashed and of course my purse was missing. It's the first time I've left something of value in my car, and the first time my car window has been smashed. Coincidence?

I saw a dog walker and asked if he'd keep a lookout for my purse on his walk, and it turns out he owns the motel just near us. He said in the 11 months they've been there they've been broken into twice - people have come in while they've been sleeping! The second time there was no sign of forced entry so they reckon they must have forgotten to lock the door, and they reckon that's the first time they'd done that as they're office is i their residence so they're pretty careful.

I think there's just losers around who regularly check doors and look in all the cars not garaged just looking for an opportunity.

What do they get? $15 from my purse.

What do I get? The hassle of cancelling my bank cards and getting them reissued (ohhh and I have to learn new PIN's!), getting all of my other cards reissued, having no way to pay for things without borrying money off Andrew until they reissue my cards, pay to get the window replaced, dealing with the stress of having to do all this, ringing up the people I bought bike stuff off last night that was processed with a manual credit card machine and having to apologise because my card was declined due to me cancelling it and being 1 hour late for an important work thing I was supposed to be at. Got to get my drivers license reissued, which costs $26 which I can't pay for without Andrew's assistance. The Police did kindly inform me that if I do get pulled over before I get it reissued that they may fine me for not having a license on me!!

It's just SUCH a pain, and I've also got things like PADI dive card, library card, tri club card and little things like that to try and replace. Who knows what else I had in there that I've forgotten about. I had a few sentimental things in there as well. I hope the bastards at least have the decency to dump what they don't want from my purse somewhere that people will find it and get it back to me.


Aki said...

:( That's hideous. It really ****es me off when this stuff happens.

Luckylegs said...

That's shocking, Sarah! Real cowardly bastards that they are.

Bennyr said...

Bastards! May they develop ITB injuries and get really sadistic physiotherapy.

What a hassle.

Spud said...

Man that sucks Sarah, having stayed at your place and parked right outside your house, wouldn't of thought that would happen in such a quiet area?

Sarah said...

Yeah we thought the same Spud!!!

Luckylegs said...

How are things going, Sarah? I put one of my special evil spells on the bastards that broke into your car, so by now they should be in terrible pain!!!