Saturday, February 26, 2005

Update on tests

The tests weren't ready yesterday, they said there was heaps to go through!

The cardiologist called me this morning (yes on a Saturday!) to have a chat. He said he noticed in the echocardiogram that something (something to do with aorta valve maybe) was quite prominent. He's not sure what that means yet, but is hoping these extra tests will tell him more.

He said he actually knows the 2 cardio's who wrote the story in the medical journal about my dad and aunt (over 20 years ago!) so he called the main guy yesterday who was also quite interested, and he asked my permission to consult with him. He's going to send him the video from the echo and the scans and see what this other guy thinks. I'm amazed at the level of service I'm getting from these guys, I'm quite touched!

He also said that he saw that there was a triathlon on tomorrow and was wondering if I was going in it. I said no, and he said he was quite relieved, and he felt much happier knowing I wasn't going to do it.

He said that when he was consulting with the other specialist they wondered if triathlon was a good sport for someone with that sort of family history to do. He apologised to me and said that cardiologists were very conservative people and like telling people to stop doing what they enjoy. I was just having a chat to mum about it, and I said that I couldn't just stop doing what I love because of what MAY happen, but she asked if was really worth risking it for triathlon. I don't know. I absolutely love this sport, I've gotten so much out of it. I guess I wait and see what the scans say. It seems as though I've gotten some of the best people in the business looking after me, so I'm certainly going to take their advice seriously, even if it's not what I want to hear.

I'm sure I can just modify my training rather than just give it up though...


Spud said...

Best of luck Sarah with the results!

Carolyne said...

Thanks for the update Sarah . . . you have a virtual fan club supporting you at CoolRunning.

Top service from the Medico's - I've found them to be great here in Canberra too. What about swimming for the time being? Even if it was wasn't with the squad ? ~ (although I am thinking of heading down to the Belconnen Pool session of Bilby's tomorrow, and there ain't no slower no swimmer than me!)
Good Luck!

Carolyne said...
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Bennyr said...

Gee Sarah, that's heavy stuff to have to deal with, but you seem to be dealing well. Best of luck with all of your tests and results.