Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I went to the cardiologist this morning for an echocardiogram. He was very interested in my family history (20 years ago, aunt died at 24 and dad died a couple of weeks later at 28, both of aortic dissection), so was very thorough in the examination. There was a fair bit he couldn't see (due to bones getting in the way) that he wanted to, so has sent me on for a CT aortogram (whatever that is!).

His view was that given that I'm doing a sport such as triathlon that can put a fair bit of strain on your heart, he'd like to be sure that there's nothing wrong. There's a possibility that there's something like a genetical weakness in the heart, and he said if he was me he'd be getting the extra scans done.

So I got to work at about 10:30am, and got a phone call from the imaging place at about 11:30 saying the doc had spoken to them and they'd like to book me in tomorrow morning to get the scans done! Talk about service!

Apparently they'll have results back tomorrow arvo, so can tell me then if there's any problems.


BeanieBum said...

All the best, Sarah. Hope it's all good news!

Carolyne said...

Thinking of you having the CT this morning Sarah ~ good luck!

pepster said...

All the best.