Wednesday, December 27, 2006

PowerBook G4 power supply SUCKS

My first power supply got very sucky after not too long when the prong that plugs into the laptop just wouldn't plug in properly and was loose and wouldn't charge properly.

So we moved to the US and got a new US power supply, and that fine. It's still loose, and I have to spin it around until it gets to a point where it actully charges. Then tonight it stopped charging and it looks it's been chewed by some pussy cats! It's a very flimsy cable, and given how frustrated I've been with the lack of charging it probably wouldn't have been too long before I replaced it anyway.

So I looked online for a replacement and it costs $79 and it takes 3-4 weeks to ship!!!! WTF???? How ridiculous is that??? I had a look at the reviews at the Apple website, and there's over 1300 reviews, with an average rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars. All the reviews complain about how flimsy and useless it is and how expenseive the replacements are.

I love my Mac but that's just stoopid!


Michael Still said...

An igo is price competitive with that, and will give you more flexibility in the future. Plus, you can just go to a store and get one in person.


Ewen said...

I want a Mac, but I'll wait until they iron out the bugs. Happy new year Sarah.

DisplacedInScotland said...

I agree 110%. I have been having the same problem