Monday, February 12, 2007

Napping might help heart!

Woohooo!!!!!!! According to this article, a study has shown that a 30 minute nap a couple of times a week might reduce the risk of fatal heart problems.

Sure, I'm not a stressed out male in my 50's (which is the main group that have issues), but I have a dodgy heart, so I think this is a perfectly good reason for me to nap on a regular basis!

I love my afternoon naps, but we're so busy these days on weekends I haven't had a chance to nap in aaaaaages. At work though, there's massive beanbags which are so comfy, so maybe I'll have to start having lunch time naps... Someone else in the section actually did tell me recently that beanbag naps during the day were perfectly acceptable :)


miners said...

Love it! I knew if someone looked hard enough, or if a university or technology institute paid someone enough money, it'd be determined that naps would be good for you :)

Ewen said...

Go for it Sarah. The lunch-time nap sounds great. You don't see many cats having heart attacks and they do a lot of napping ;)

GM said...

Oh my. Who needs research to prove that a nap in the afternoon is a a good thing. All you have to do is try it.
Whatever works!

Apollo knows All said...

another reason to tell my boss to back off as I nap after lunch!

Napping makes sense. It is far better for you than some coffee in the afternoon.

The one thing I didn't like was sometimes I get up all stiff and groggy, but I use a "pow'r napper" that I got for christmas--it is a cusion that knocks me out fast.

If I didn't nap in the afternoon, I might as well leave my job at lunchtime because I would get absolutely nothing done.

But I could not nap without my pow'r napper cushion, I use it when I can't sleep at night, too.