Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I'm selling my little Laser before we head overseas. I tried selling it earlier this year when it only had a couple of months rego and there wasn't a huge amount of interest. I ended up getting all these annoying people who thought a 23 year old $1500 car should come with power steering, air conditioning and a CD player. Is it not enough that it has low k's and is in good nick????

Now it's got 10 months rego, and I only advertised it on Monday and I have three people who are really keen and all are desperately keen for a car and have sob stories so I don't have the heart to try and "play them off" for the highest figure.

First offer will win I think!


Tesso said...

Ah Sarah, you do have a good heart after all :-)

Yasser Hamed said...

Hi Sarah
My name is Yasser and Im from Sydney and also moving to LA in a couple of months. I found Andrew's blog by searching for the E3 visa. I'm currently pending my LCA and would like to have a chat with Andrew if possible regarding it as I have an almost identical situation. Can you please contact me on yh(AT)

best regards