Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kittens grow so fast!!!

We've had these guys for 4 days now, and they just develop so fast. When we first got them, they were quite timid, and just walking very unsteadily.

Now they're running everywhere (still a bit wobbily), starting to pounce and jump, exploring everywhere, getting a little more independent and wanting to investigate everything.

Yesterday the young female, Bella, starting scratching in the kitty litter, now I think I've seen most of them get into the litter tray, scratch and squat. I'm not sure if they're actually doing anything, but they're obviously learning very fast! There was a cute moment this morning where one of the boys was in the litter tray, and 3 other kittens had their front paws up on the edge of the litter tray all watching, almost as though they were cheering their brother on :)

They were playing for 10 minutes or so at a time, now they play for almost an hour at a time before they need a nap. A couple of days ago they would generally play for a little bit, feed, then fall asleep while feeding. Now they feed, then continue playing. They are just so much fun to watch, and they love crawling over my jeans, and don't shy away when I go to pat them or pick them up, and they also mew a lot less when we hold them which is great.

I think these guys will grow up into very happy kitties :)

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terah said...

Those blue eyes are beautiful! We'll (hopefully) be getting two kitties in another two months and I can't wait!