Friday, July 06, 2007


I have now less than 100 days to go on the pregnancy (98 until the due date), and I think I'm now officially in the third trimester. Different websites and books have different dates, but I've got 3 months and a couple of days until the due date, so that's close enough for me :)

Here's a new belly pic as well! And yes, terrible posture, I know. I must work on that....

Things are still going well, the little guy is kicking and jumping around lots - he's a very active little boy!! He's waking me up at about 5:30/6am every day with his morning exercise routine. Andrew and I love to just watch my belly ripple and jump from his movements :) I haven't had any major problems with the pregnancy so far. The worst thing has been occasional heartburn, but a couple of Tums fixes that within minutes. I'm constantly tired as well, but not working gives me the opportunity to nap on an almost daily basis. I find if I don't get my daily nap, I'm absolutely wrecked by the end of the day. It's taking me a while to get to sleep at night, and I wake up at about 3am often (possibly from the kicking), and again at 5:30ish, and I don't normally get much more sleep after that since Andrew gets up and ready for work, so the nap is definitely needed!

We're starting to plan strollers, car seats, and the last bits of furniture that we need. We still need to get rid of the queen sized bed in the spare room so we can convert it to a baby room, but I believe we have a couple more visitors over the next month, so we'll wait until they've come and gone before we get rid of the spare bed.

It's all very exciting :)


Ewen said...

Yes, that's a baby ;)

Saw clairie from Brisvegas last weekend. She's looking good - ran the half in about 2:15. I think she's a bit behind you. All the best. Hope it's not too hot over there.

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