Thursday, August 09, 2007

Uhhhh.... 5 weeks to go?!!!

We saw the new obstetrician on Tuesday who we liked much more than our other OB who's going on sabbatical. He has more experience in cardiac issues I believe, and he explained things much better and sounded a lot more rational then our previous ultra conservative OB.

So we talked about the delivery date with him, and he said they have to find a good balance between my heart's health and the baby's development. The heart reaches its maximum workload between 28-32 weeks, and stays at that workload until the end of the pregnancy, so they basically want to put my heart under that much pressure for as little time as possible.

So we asked about dates, and he said he thought 36 weeks would be a good time, which would be September 14 - EEK!!!! That's 5 weeks away... We wanted October 8 since my mum gets here on October 6 but he said it's really better not to wait that long. The date may still change, they may bring it forward even earlier if they feel they need to, and they may push it back a bit if everything continues to go well, but I don't think they want to let it go much further than 36 weeks.

So yeah... 5 weeks to go. OMG.


Zoe said...

5 weeks. OMG. That is so exciting. PJ is coming!
I agree with Jett, lets see another pic of you and the bump.

Ewen said...

September 16 would be good. Canberra Times Fun Run day :)