Sunday, August 05, 2007

Well Labour and Delivery is nice!

We had a 4 hour or so trip to L&D yesterday. Last weekend we were at the shops and I started to get blurry vision to the point where I couldn't read anything, and saw big bright spots in front of my eyes, and got dizzy and felt not so good. For me that's usually the first sign of a migraine, but I only got a fairly mild headache, not the migraine.

It happened again yesterday, so I thought I should ring and check if it was anything to worry about, and they told me to go straight to Labour and Delivery to get checked out.

So we did that, and they hooked me up to the baby monitor to check the baby (and we got to hear him kicking and hiccuping!), and checked my blood pressure and took a urine sample, and a blood sample. Turns out blurry vision is one of the signs of preeclampsia which is what they were worried about.

Everything tested fine though, and they did a basic test to make sure it wasn't neurological, so that was nice to know.

So they think it probably is a migraine, but the symptoms are just presenting differently, possibly due to the pregnancy. Which is fine - as long as I don't have the headache that leaves me curled up in agony in a dark room I'm happy!!!!

The good news is that we were very impressed with the hospital. We were at Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital which is the hospital attached to Stanford where I'll be delivering the baby. The facilities were really nice, the staff were all fabulous, they were efficient, I asked if it was ok for Andrew to go get me a sandwich, and they said not to worry and brought me a tray of food which was pretty tasty. We peeked in at the labour recovery rooms and they were pretty nice.

So we got a sneak preview of what it might be like (without the pain and lack of sleep), and we were pretty happy! We certainly feel confident we'll be looked after!

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