Saturday, December 29, 2007

Surgery on Thursday

We're home safe and sound after a trouble free trip to Australia, and are on the count down to my open heart surgery (5 more sleeps). I can't wait to get it over and done with!

I go in on Wednesday the 2nd for the pre-op stuff, then 7:30am on Thursday for the surgery itself. So by the time the Aussies are waking up on Friday (and by mid-afternoon Thursday US time), the surgery should be almost over. Keep an eye on Andrew's blog for updates on how I'm going.

And if anyone's considering sending flowers, I would appreciate it if you didn't... I don't particularly want to risk being allergic to them and be sneezing after having my chest cracked open! :-)


Ronnie said...

Good Luck with teh surgery sarah. Will be thinking of you and have my fingers crossed that it all goes according to plan.



Baby-Jett said...

Good luck're in the best hands over there! I look forward to hearing about your amazing, speeding recovery and starting some nice, easy training :)