Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Busy busy!

The month of February has just flown by! The main things that happened:

  • I had my second trimester echo and also got an EKG due to some palpitations I'd been getting. Everything is looking great, and my heart is holding strong - woo!
  • We spent a fair bit of time just tidying up and organising the house.
  • We went and saw the Cirque du Soleil show Ovo in San Jose, which was fabulous.
  • Work got started on our kitchen remodel. The old kitchen has been ripped out, the walls patched up and repainted, new circuits installed, and recessed lighting installed. The cabinets have arrived, and tomorrow they'll start installing them.
  • Andrew and I went to New York. I stayed for 3 and a bit days, Andrew was there for a week. We had a lovely time walking through Central Park, catching up with friends, and also got to go down to Philadelphia for a day to explore there. We really enjoyed it, and are glad we can cross another city and state off our To Do list :-) Photos are here for Philadelphia, and here for Andrew's snowy days in New York after I left.
All the baby stuff is coming along. I hit my third trimester yesterday, so getting closer and closer to the due date which is exciting. I'm definitely feeling more tired these days, and am starting to get more random aches and pains and little complaints. She's an active little thing though, so it's nice to feel her wriggle around regularly :)

We've bought a crib, and today I bought a stack of gDiapers, which will be a nice alternative to old school cloth, but with the convenience of disposables. I still need to get a glider chair for nursing/soothing, and some decorations for the little one's room. I'll probably get a bunch of these cute animal print cards from Wee Gallery, and maybe some of their wall graphics too. I need to get some curtains for her room, and then I think that's about it, we should be good.

I'd love to get one of these mamaroo bouncers, which look awesome, but are kinda pricey. For the moment I'm just trying to win one :D

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