Friday, January 29, 2010

Quick update

Just quickly checking while I have laptop access. We had the follow-up fetal MRI last week, and everything looked good - it was all clear - WHEW!!!!! Such a huge relief. I'm not sure if they could tell why it looked weird, I see my obstetrician on Tuesday so will ask him then. All I wanted to know was that everything was fine :)

The moving is going well. We've at the new place since Sunday and it's feeling and looking more like a home now. We still need to get our internet sorted out so we can have MythTV, wireless internet etc., but that should all be set up by Monday hopefully.

We still need to empty our storage area, the last bits and pieces from the kitchen and closet, and a few other random things lying around from the old place, but otherwise we're almost there!

The new house is definitely bigger, the old place seems so small when I go back now! But the extra space and many windows we now have means it's significantly colder! The back yard area is really nice - there's lots of squirrels and birds out there, so I need to get some feeders out so the kitties can watch them :) The cats are settling in ok. Smudge is loving it, she's now back to following me everywhere, exploring everything, and generally seems pretty happy. She also loves the back yard. It's got a high fence, so I'm happy for her to explore out there without worrying she'll escape. Lily is generally staying under the bed during the day, but she's happy enough otherwise - she comes out regularly for pats, cuddles with me at night, and explores mostly at night time. She comes out to eat, drink and use the litter tray, so that's fine. I now have their small cat tree in our bedroom by the glass sliding door to the balcony, so she can sit there and watch the critters which she seems to like.

So generally, all is good :)

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Ewen said...

That's great Sarah. Glad everything is going well and the family is settling into the new house :)