Friday, January 01, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My oh my, it's been a busy couple of weeks. We now have the keys to our new house - yay! There's a few things we want to get done before we move in, and unfortunately that list of things keeps growing, and it's all stuff that should really get done before we move, to the cost is blowing out more as well!

Andrew's been very busy with work, so I've been running around getting quotes from various contractors, organising the new kitchen, and doing other odd jobs that seem to keep coming up.

We spent 5 days in Atlanta with friends for Christmas, which was lovely. The Peikerts used to live a few doors down from us, and moved to Atlanta mid-'09, and they're the closest thing to family over here so it was great to spend a few days just relaxing with them.

Junior seems to be growing well, my belly has really popped out the last couple of weeks, and one of my pairs of jeans that fit fine before I went to Atlanta are suddenly too tight to be done up, so I'm finally having to wear my "Belly Band". I've just started feeling the little one wriggling out a bit more the last couple of days which has been exciting. We had a fetal echo to check junior's heart and everything looks great. We get the big anatomy ultrasound this Thursday coming and we'll find out then whether junior is a Henry or a Henrietta :)

New Years was quiet, Andrew was working until about 8:45pm, and I was exhausted and had a headache that was coming and going the entire day, so we were asleep by midnight! Exciting lives we lead :)

I hope everyone had a happy 2010, and we'll certainly be hoping ours is drama-free!


indigoid said...

None of this Henry or Henrietta business. Just call it Ruby :-)

I hereby wish you a fun and exciting 2010!

Sarah said...


Ewen said...

I hope you both have a drama-free first year of the "tennies". You could call the baby 'Chris', or 'Courtney' - that'd take care things ;)