Tuesday, June 21, 2005

W minus 5 weeks

Meant to post this a few days ago - time is just flying by!!! Booked in for hair and make up last week for myself, the 2 bridesmaids, my mum, Andrew's mum and my sister in law. Now apparently my nan and aunt also want their hair done for the day so I need to either book them in with us or find somewhere else close to where they're staying.

Also sorted out flowers finally which is a bit of a relief! We've got a fair few RSVP's in now, so we're adjusting the tables a bit so everyone fits in.

So all the major stuff is done now. I'm going shoe shopping this weekend, and will also need to sort out a suit for my 22 month old nephew who's hopefully going to be a pageboy, providing he can handle the whole walk down the aisle thing!


Luckylegs said...

You're doing extremely well, Sarah! Did Andrew hear how the job interview went in USA?

Carolyne said...

I assume that the flowers are going to be blue, yellow and green Cool Running (and Bilbys) colours of course!

Aki said...

Relying on children can be scary, I have doubts of a 15 year old handling this duty, but the 2 year old should be more reliable.

Sarah said...

LL - the interview's not until next month, so won't know anything until about the wedding probably! Keeping our fingers crossed though.