Saturday, June 04, 2005

W minus 7 weeks

Andrew got approached a month or two ago to apply for a job with Google in America. He put his resume in, then had two phone interviews, and on Thursday got emailed by them to ask if they could fly him over to California for an interview. Woohoo!

So this means that he may be in for a pretty good chance of getting the job, and if he does, we want a wedding in Australia before we go, and we want it to be a decent one still. As well as this, the whole american visa thing will probably be a bit easier if we're married when Andrew applies.

So the wedding will now be earlier than April next year as originally planned. It's now on July 23. In 7 weeks. EEK!

We're currently at wedding minus 7 weeks and the following is done:

- Venue is confirmed (the place we'd organised was free that weekend which was good!)
- The celebrant is also confirmed (not many other people are getting married in Canberra in July funnily enough....)
- We went shopping for Andrew's wedding ring yesterday, and found a really nice white gold and yellow gold ring. that should arrive in between 2-6 weeks (hopefully more on the 2 week side...)
- Photographer is free that weekend, so he's sorted.
- Went out dress shopping yesterday and today and the dress is decided on. I wanted the colour of one dress and the style of another one, but as the lady makes them all new for you, she could do that easily.
- My mum is a legend, and has invitations knocked up already, despite only telling her the wedding was happening very soon 2 days ago!

Will update again next weekend at "W - 6 weeks". :)


Aki said...

Whoa, that's quick.

Oh no, we're losing you. :( I hope you'll like the US.

Carolyne said...

Ahh, wow, oh gee . . .

Great stuff Sarah, it sounds like things are going surprisingly smoothly.

I've gotta agree with Aki, but this sounds cool. Nearly 4 weeks more planning than Bob and I, so you have heaps of time (and a Mum!)


plu said...

Wow what a lot to happen and do. All the best.


Spud said...

Awesome Sarah, way to go, less hassle this way. We did the same thing done and dusted in 6 weeks.
All the best guys!

Jen_runs said...

Wow !! How exciting !! Good luck with the planning - I'm sure it will be a fantastic day - and good luck to Andrew for the job.

Luckylegs said...

Fantastic news, Sarah! Only 7 weeks till the 'big day' exciting for you both! Then off to the USA ....good luck with everything & keep us informed about wedding plans as the weeks wind down to July 23.