Saturday, September 08, 2007

Our baby Joshua

Some photos we got of Joshua

Family photo on Tuesday

Me with Joshua on Tuesday

Mum with Joshua

Baby Joshua on Friday - looks like he's just sleeping


Cat said...

Sarah, Joshua is beautiful.

Ronnie said...

Sarah and Andrew, thank you for sharing your photo's with us. He is a handsome little man. So perfect.


Ewen said...

He's sleeping peacefully.

Aki said...

Joshua will always be an angel now, the most perfect child in the universe. Thankyou for the photos.

da peaches in da valley said...

Thank you for sharing these photos with us - joshua looks so peaceful. Our hearts are with you, love from all of us xxx

Baby-Jett said...

What a perfect little man Sarah and Andrew! He's got the most special place up in heaven.

Thank you for sharing your pics - they are so touching.

Ronnie said...

Sarah and Andrew it is now September 17 and it must be an enormously difficult day for you both.

Know that I am thinking of you and you are all 3 in my prayers.