Monday, March 07, 2005

Ride and spa

Planned to a ride after work, and got home and lay down on the bed for "just a little bit" and chatted to Andrew for a bit (the usual "how was your day" stuff), and realised I was knackered and really couldn't be bothered cycling.

My hip flexors/itb are sore from the run and got quite stiff at work today. I realised I had nothing to do at home though as Andrew was doing stuff, so threw my cycling gear and forced myself out there! By the time I got out it was a bit later than I'd planned and I felt a bit sluggish, but I was pleased I got out there.

Nice arvo - sunny, not too hot, minimal wind. Did a nice 30k as the sun was setting, then came home scoffed down dinner and went out to the AIS for a spa with a few others from the club. The spa was just beautiful! Exactly what I needed.

Ready for sleep now... :-)

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