Thursday, March 03, 2005

Week in review!

It's been a fairly quiet week, just had a nice swim in the lovely Dickson pool Wednesday night, and rode into work yesterday (Thursday). I've been taking it easy until I hear from the cardiologist, but I'm hoping to do an easy 50-60k ride tomorrow and an easy 5 or so k run on.

Oh how about that - just spoke to the cardiologist.... He's sending the piccies upto the cardiologist in Brissie, and he'll let me know as soon as he hears anything. He doesn't see a problem with me exercising on the weekend as long as I promise to take it easy if I do get the pains. Not a hard promise to make!!!!!

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Luckylegs said...

Remember, Sarah, you promised to take it easy! Hope all is well with the cardio's results. LL