Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quick update

Andrew and I drove to the Glamis sand dunes which is down near the Mexican border to meet friends there as it was a long weekend, so spent a mad weekend sand duneing with 10,000 of our closest redneck friends. We were referred to as tree hugging hippies for driving a Prius, so they became rednecks. :-)

After that we drove to Phoenix where our friends live, spent a night with them, and are here until Friday (Andrew's working from the Phoenix office this week), and I'm pottering about checking out the place.

Friday we drive to LA where we'll be staying in Hollywood for 2 nights, so should have all of Saturday to look around which will be great fun, then will head home on Sunday.

Arizona is nice and warm and full of cacti! It's a nice place, and probably the most suburban place we've come across so far. If we were planning on staying, I reckon I'd consider moving out here!

Longer post when we get home....

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Tesso said...

Those sand dunes sound like fun!!!! Hope you got some pics for we folks back home :-)