Friday, February 01, 2008

My favourite kitty photos

Just a change from surgery talk. These are my favourite photos of the kitties.

Stumpy is very photogenic, and I love this photo for the colours, her expression and how it shows off her pretty eyes. She's such a character - drives us bonkers, but she's also incredibly loving in her own way.

Lily is the shy, elegant, fraidy cat who desperately wants to be a lap cat if only she was brave enough. I love this photo of her in her favourite spot in the window, in a relaxed state.

Smudge is so hard to capture given that she's jet black, and has squinty little eyes. She ends up one big black blob in photos. I particularly like this photo of her because it captures the essence of Smudge - content, goofy, and not an ounce of grace - just pure happy Smudginess!


indigoid said...

Some ideas for photographing the black cat:

1) find one of those white CD sleeves that you use to store CDs in those CD folder/organiser things.

2) put it over the flash on your camera to act as a diffuser

3) photograph cat

This might not be so possible if your camera doesn't have a flash that pops up in the air when it is going to be used.

If it doesn't pop up, I'd suggest holding a white A4 sheet of paper in front of the flash instead.

Hope this helps...

Ewen said...

Another tip is to overexpose a bit, or adjust the white balance to get the same effect.

That was funny about it being so hard to vote - a bit different to Oz where you only have to walk from the school carpark to the hall. Good 8k though - keep it going!