Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Walked nearly 5 miles (8km) today

I didn't plan to... I went back to Stanford yesterday for my check up and Michael, the nurse practitioner, said I should walk, walk, walk until I'm tired, nap, then walk some more.

So Briana (my neighbour) and I went for a walk down to the polling booth so she could vote in the Primaries. She'd been told she had to vote at the Fire Station over the road. So we'd walked down to the 7-Eleven first, then to the post box, then to the Fire Station. At the Fire Station, they said she had to vote at the Chinese Church which was about a mile (1.6km) away. It was a lovely day so we figured we'd walk there. We got there, and they said that we were in the wrong place! We found our apartment block on a map, and she told us Briana had to vote at the Fire Station!!!

We told her we'd just been there, she wasn't on the roll, and they told us to go to the church. So she gave us a number to call, and they told Bri, she was actually supposed to be at a school back in the direction we came from, plus another mile. Stupid electoral representatives!

I was feeling fine, and Clara (Briana's baby) was doing ok, so we figured we'd just get it over and done with! So in total, it was about 5 miles. I'm feeling fine now, so we'll just see how I feel tomorrow!

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Doug Warren said...

Congratulations on the quick recovery. Believe me, I know how hard it is it get your stamina back after an experience like that. In August 2007 I had a Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm repaired, as well as a bypass around a stenosis of the descending aorta. During the testing they found that I also would need a mechanical valve due to my original one being bicuspid.

It sounds like you came through the procedure with a strong will to recover. I had a few more issues in my recovery. After my procedure they could not restart my heart and they had to install a balloon pump in my leg to aid my heart. Also, I got pneumonia and several other complications. I ended up unconscious for 21 days and was in the hospital for a total of58 days. The whole time I never got to see my 18 month old son. Getting better for him was my best motivation.

I know from earlier posts that you recently suffered the loss of a child. I am also familiar with that pain. 4 years ago my wife and I lost twin girls. They were still-born. A year later we lost another set of twins at 16 weeks. Each loss just about killed us, but our third pregnancy was successful. Our son is happy, healthy, and more than a bit spoiled.

Hang in there and hold on to your loved ones. They are the only ones who can help you get through times like these!


Doug Warren
Katy, TX