Monday, July 25, 2005

More wedding stuff

Memorable moments and people who we would have been lost without:

- Learning how to rhumba with the wonderful Alli days before the wedding, then trying to pass these "skills" (and I learn the term lightly) to the rest of the bridal party 2 nights before the wedding. I think they actually did a lot better then Andrew and I - we just laughed the entire way through the "bridal rhumba".
- Nick the best man who kept me sane in the days leading up to the wedding. He arrived on the Wednesday and kept me laughing when my 2 bridesmaids Lani and Anne were stresing themselves out.
- At the hairdressers on Saturday morning watching Lani and Anne being transformed from everyday people into elegant, gorgeous bridesmaids.
- The look on Andrew's mum's face (who doesn't drink) when she got offered a glass of champagne at the hairdressers!
- Sitting at home with our hair and make up looking beautiful stuffing Macca's into our faces before the photographer arrived.
- Getting photos done at the National Museum and Commonwealth Park. We had so much fun, and it really relaxed us, and we all felt like celebrities almost!
- John, my mum's partner. He is such a legend. He was so helpful all day Saturday, running everyone around where needed. He drove our wedding car and stirred us all up to give us a giggle, held our fur wraps and champagne for us, sorted out the love lives of the bridesmaids.... heh. He ran backwards and forwards to the wedding car throughout the evening to get stuff for us, and nothing was too much for him.
- Seeing my gorgeous 22 month old nephew in his little suit - he looked so cute!!!
- Being walked down the aisle by my grandpa and mum, that was really special.
- Walking down the aisle trying to look elegant, and having my mum step on my dress and exclaim "oh shit!" quite loudly, then get very embarrassed! :-)
- Seeing Andrew looking incredibly handsome waiting for me at the end of the aisle with the same silly grin plastered on his face that I'm sure was plastered on mine.
- Giving a triumphant shake of my head after I recited my vows with no prompting (and only a little pause to remember the next line), after Andrew needed prompting. Gave everyone a giggle. Except the celebrant - he missed it and had no idea what everyone was laughing about... :-)
- Finally getting through the ceremony, signing the certificates and realising that we're married!!
- Michael Still for helping us throughout the night and taking heaps of photos for us that we've already been able to put onto the website.
- Having fun at the reception. The food was good, we got to mingle a bit between courses, and everyone seemed to be looking happy.
- My cousin's gorgeous kids, my nephew and our flowergirl Ashlin. They were all so cute. They kept coming upto the bridal table and telling how beautiful we looked, and how much fun they were having. I know plenty of people don't invite kids to weddings (and I was tossing up whether to have kids att he reception at one stage), but we really enjoyed having them there. Laura who is about 7 and just beautiful danced the entire night just about. Nobody could figure out where she got the energy from!! She was like a little energiser bunny - just kept going and going!
- The speeches. They were just beautiful. Nick, Andrew's best man had a really nice speech that was funny, touching and straight from the heart. Lani, the maid of honour, only wrote her speech the night before and was stressing about how bad it was going to be. It was also just beautiful. I was amazed at how she was able to pull it all together, and it brought tears to my eyes. My nan's spoke as well and her speech was also great, it cracked everyone up but was also very touching. Andrew's dad and my mum both spoke off the cuff and were both lovely. Andrew and I hadn't really had a chance to write anything with everything else that was happening, so ours was very off the cuff, and my mind hit a complete blank when I got up there, so I just babbled for a bit about nothing in particular, and forgot to thank important people such as our parents, my aunt for MCing, John for helping us and I even forgot to thank Andrew, who really is the most wonderful person I've ever met.
- My nan made the most beautiful wedding cake for us. My grandpa helped as well, and despite them both having a shocking month or so health wise, they went to cake decorating classes to make sure it would look amazing, and amazing it looked!!!
- Our bridal rhumba that looked more like a waltz apparently. We tried, but we're not terribly coordinated, and laughed the entire way through it. It really wasn't too bad though, and we did enjoy ourselves.
- Looking around the room and realising just how many people who are so important in our lives for so many different reasons were there, and how much it meant to me.
- Dancing the rest of the night away, we were both pretty exhausted, but there was so many people to try and talk to and dance with!
- Finding out after dinner it was only 7:30, then checking the time again what seemed like only about 30 minutes later to discover it was 10pm!!
- Finally throwing the bouquet and doing the whole garter thing when there was only a few people left. My mum missed the garter pulling off, so we had to do it again so she could get photos!
- Andrew's cousin Robert. We was a legend. I sat at their table and looked in the pots trying to find some hot tea as I was hanging to sit down for 5 minutes with a nice hot cup of tea. Robert immediately went to the kitchen, popped his head in and within a minute or so I had a nice steaming cup of tea in front of me. Lovely!
- Crashing in our "bridal suite". It was sooooo nice to sit down! It took Andrew and I about 20 minutes to get all of the pins out of my hair, then he had to help me out of the dress, and I finally got to have a shower and wash my hair and face!
- Reading through the comments in the guest register, they were just lovely, and there was some that were hilarious too. Big thanks to my mum for organising that for us!!
- We got a whole heap of cards as well which were really nice to read. We'll need to put them away somewhere safe to read through again in the coming years.
- Andrew, our wedding photographer for taking awesome photos and emailing us a bunch through already to put up onto our website. It's very much appreciated!

I think it all turned out just as we hoped - laidback and fun. We also had the most perfect weather! When we were doing photos, an occasional cool breeze picked up which was a little unpleasant, but down at the lake we had a beautiful warm sun shining down us, a perfect blue sky, and the grass was nice and green as well. Yesterday there was a freezing cold wind blowing all day, and today it's been spitting with rain, is grey, and feels very cold out there!

Couldn't have dreamed of a better day to wed the man I dearly love.


Felicity said...

The wedding cake was beautiful, you're lucky to have such fabulous grandparents.
Keep smiling
Felicity 8-)

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blog ??

Jen_runs said...

Tough ;-) Besides I've spoken to you more times in the chatroom in the last week than I think we didn't in the last month beforehand!

Anyway I'll stop being cheeky now and congratulate you and Andrew on your wedding. You looked stunning and Andrew didn't look too bad either ;-) I'm glad you both had a fantastic day. Best wishes for your future together.


PS Didn't I leave a message on your blog BEFORE the wedding ??

PPS Isn't getting your own thread dedicated to you enough ;-) ;-)

Cirque said...

I'm so happy for you both Sarah. Your wedding looked absolutely beautiful (and so did you). I'm so glad everything went well after the mad rush of the last few months.

Stephen Jackson said...

Nice one Sarah, congrats - love the rhumba! (CR Action)

Ashlee said...

im liking in here..with all the postings and comments comin around..its great!..check out my webpage..its even better..

Ashlee said...
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Wobbly man said...

I cant believe you are feeling unloved already....! I suppose you are married now though... Seriously - love the photos and sounds like a wonderful day. Congrats to you both!!

miners said...

Yep Wobbly - a wedding a few days ago and already feeling unloved - sounds like familiar territory ...

Congratulatoins again Sarah- although where you're finding time to blog in the first week of the wedding to your No.1 man, well ...

Don Juan said...

Nice photos Sarah. Liked the tri photo too.

Superflake said...

Another comment. Congratulations on your wedding Sarah. Hope you have fun with the new hubby