Sunday, July 31, 2005

Cycled to work today!

Woohoo!! Rode into work today! I haven't done anything for aaaages so this was very exciting for me.

Problem is that I have done nothing in ages and I was riding my crappy old mountain bike. It took me so long to get to work, and there was times that I felt like I wasn't even going anywhere! I had sore, tired hammies from a working bee we did at a friend of Andrew's house on Saturday and gee I felt them this morning!

My seat was also loose and I can't seem to tighten it properly, and it kept slipping back if I put my weight too far back which gave me a really curved lower back as I couldn't sit properly and my back is killing from it now! It keeps spasming and feels really tight.

I also had a stupid person decide not to give way at a t-intersection when she was supposed to and just about run me down. She also then had the hide to give me a dirty look even though I had right of way and I had my arm stuck out to indicate I was turning!! It was a spot where there was heaps of traffic going the same way as me also trying to turn, and she was obviously getting annoyed at having to give way to everyone and just decided to go for it.

Oh well. Hopefully the ride home won't be too painful and I can try to fix the seat tonight so I can keep on riding and it will get enjoyable again!

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Aki said...

Good to hear you're back out there again, some of these motorists are tough, I saw a kid verse a bus today on Northbourne, yet another runner yelled out to me from a car too, typical hooligans. :rolleyes: :p