Sunday, July 03, 2005

W minus 3 weeks

Our bridesmaids have finally sorted out their dresses and shoes! Yayyy!! My maid of honour didn't have her size in the shop, so they're ordering it in, but hopefully it will arrive soon.

I had my first dress fitting yesterday - nothing exciting, just sorting out length of dress. The next fitting is Monday week and I think the dress will mostly made by then, that fitting will be just to make adjustments and make sure everything is good. I should then be abl eto pick it up that next weekend.

I also decided to get a spray on tan done as I'm pinky-white and uneven thanks to cycling tans that never go away. I had the "trial" for that on Friday and it looks kinda funny :) My hands are orange and my legs are funny looking from being so dry - the tanning stuff soaked into the really dry bits and nowhere else. It looks good on my back, shoulders and arms though, and looks very even on my neck and face, and that's all that's going to really be seen. I'll just make sure I moisturise my hands well and tell them not to put too much on my hands!

We're also getting the hens and bucks party's sorted - that should be fun!! My work mates said there must be wigs involved and preferably costumes as well. Sigh.... :)

This week will just be finalising all arrangements I think. Hopefully nothing else has come up for anything else we've planned!

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