Sunday, July 10, 2005

W minus 2 weeks

Eek!! Wow, only 2 weeks.

We're all sorted I think. I had my hair and make up trial on the weekend and it all looks fine. I've got my final dress fitting tomorrow. The bridesmaids are booked in for their hair and make up.

The hens and bucks parties are getting sorted. They're both next Saturday night, so they should be... interesting :-)

Not much else to do... We'll need to make some final payments this week for various things, but that's about it.

Andrew's in Sydney at the moment waiting for his flight to America. He gets back on Saturday so it'll be a quiet week :-(

Update: I'm going shopping tomorrow with the girls at work so we can all gets wigs and costumes for the wedding. So if anyone's out on Saturday night in Canberra and you see a whole bunch of people in crazy costumes and wigs, come and say hi to us... :-)


Aki said...

Lol, sounds crazy, I'll keep a look out. :)

Keep the blog up.

Luckylegs said...

Sarah, I've been searching for your blog, but sorry you won't be keeping it going. I've so much enjoyed following your plans for the 'big day'! Maybe you'll reconsider & just tell us what you're doing even if it's nothing to do with running.
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog after the GC marathon; marvelous what a little encouragement can do....thanks again & have a great night Saturday!

miners said...

Yeah Sarah - good to know the blog is still out there. Wow - only 2 weeks now (and even less measured from today!) I know everything will go well.

Don't stay away from CR for too long - we miss you there!