Monday, August 08, 2005

Another wedding pic

This one's pretty cool!


Jen_runs said...

That is a FANTASTIC photo; I love it!!! And I love your dress. So pretty. J

miners said...

Yeah great shot Sarah - good to see you keeping things up to date over here for us too.

How's the first month of wedded bliss going btw?

Carolyne said...

Top Shot.

I can't look at it though and not imagine Aki, allrounder and the cast of Customs Joggers racing in front on their way back from the Friday Handicap!

I'm warped.

(If you're really lucky, you'll be half as happy as Bob and I after fifteen years!)

Cirque said...

That's a lovely photo Sarah.
I'm so sorry I didn't get to join you on the B2B, it would have been fantastic to walk and talk with you.
Keep us posted about your plans, we're all wishing the best for you!