Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bridge to Brisbane 7 August

We were up in Brisbane for my brother in law's wedding which was on the Saturday night, and Andrew had to head home early on Sunday so I was pondering what to do on sunday morning.

My mum mentioned on Friday that she was volunteering for the Bridge to Brisbane, so I figured if I could pop in to the race office and enter and find a way to get to the race I'd do it.

We were driving almost right past the office on Saturday, so I raced in, entered the 4.5k and mum said I could borrow her car, and she'd get her partner to drive her in to the race. Woohoo!

It was just such a nice day Saturday I knew I'd be silly not to do it. I would have liked to walk the 12k, but I had to get Andrew to the airport by about 7am, and I really didn't want to have to get up really early the morning after the wedding given we had to get up at 4:30am on the Saturday to get the plane from Canberra to Brisbane!

I planned to walk the entire thing, but the gun went off, and I eventually made it to the starting mat (there were heaps of people there!!), and decided to jog for a bit. I knew I was supposed to keep my heart rate under 140, so just took it easy, but as I'm very unfit my heart rate just wouldn't settle down and stayed up at the 160-170 mark.

I decided it wasn't worth it, and just slowed to a fast walk, and enjoyed the atmosphere and the weather.

Had a great day and finished it in 43 minutes or so. Yay me... :-)


miners said...

Yay! A race report!! Glad you had a good day there Sarah - glad you stayed sensible too. Must have been hard to hold yourself back from running at 3min/km pace ;)

Sarah said...

Yeah it was very tempting! Heh :-)