Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Adventures in cake making

At work, we always go a little over the top for people’s birthdays. I made this cake for one of the guy’s birthdays – complete with matchbox cars.

I also did this for one of the girls who hates cats.

It’s a lot of fun, and makes a birthday a bit more special. When one girl got married, the other “cake maker” did a cake that resembled a couch, and printed out a picture of the girl getting married from her hen’s night slumped in a couch looking very drunk (but cut just her out), so it looked like was slumped in the couch cake.

I had a triathlon cake for my birthday, with a running track, complete with pipe cleaner people running and cycling (on a pipe cleaner bike), and a “pool” in the middle of the cake.

Now I’m on cake making duties again on Friday for one of the girls. She’s got 4 kids, so I was thinking of a bus/car cake with lots of little kiddie faces hanging out of the car, but it all seems a bit hard. Anyone got any clever ideas for novelty cakes, or an easy way to make a car cake?? Google wasn’t much help :-(


miners said...

actually, if you made a Spiderman or Barbie cake and then put lots of finger holes in it, smeared some icing with your tongue, and also took a bite out of it, it would probably look exactly like the sort of cake she's used to seeing if she has 4 kids

Cirque said...

I think you could probably just take a photo of her slumped on a couch.......

Can I come and work with you?

Luckylegs said...

Great to have you back, Sarah, & I hope all goes well for the Noosa Triathlon; wedding photos are wonderful! And as for those cakes...enough said!