Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Noosa triathlon

Well. The Noosa triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k ride, 10k run) is only 10 weekends away. I have a free entry for Noosa. I've done Noosa the last 2 years and loved it. I have a number of friends from my club going again. I have been told I potentially have a condition called Familial Aortic Aneurysm, and to keep my heart rate under 140 during any sort of exercise to lower the risk of my heart exploding (ok, a little dramatic, but it IS life threatening if I have it, and I do have an aneurysm). Because of this, I've been a little too freaked out to exercise too much, and also a little busy with getting married, possibly moving to America etc etc.

So I'm unfit. But I love the Noosa race. I can handle the swim pretty easily I reckon. I'll go do a 40k ride this weekend and see how I go. If that's ok, I'll aim to do a 10k walk on Sunday. If I can get through all that I'll speak to my cardiologist and see what he thinks.

I don't care if I do the race and go REALLY slowly - I just want to do it!!


Jen_runs said...

My fingers are crossed for you Sarah - I hope the cardiologist gives you the ok.


miners said...

... or you could just give the entry to me ;)

Hope you get the all clear Sarah - I know how much you'd hate to not be part of the event. Even if you just go up and enter the fun run &/or the 1km ocean swim they have as part of the festival and just enjoy the spectacle of watching the tri on the day. I'm sure there'd be ample takers for the entry

Sarah said...

I'd go crazy if I had to watch the race and not be part of it!!

Are you looking to do it MR?