Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wedding photos

The rest of the professional wedding photos taken by Andrew Sawatske of Hi-tide photography are now up here.

The photographer did an awesome job, there's of photos with interesting backgrounds, a great range of different photo styles, as in black and white, sepia toned, half black and white, half coloured, funky blurring and other such exciting features :)

Very happy with them!!


Aki said...

Thanks for sharing with us your photos, you really looked beautiful on the day. :) It's good to hear your swimming is going well! I'm envious!

Unfortunately the day you tapped on the glass my friend was the only other student there, so mooning might not be appropriate. :)

We'll have to meet up together sometime again, maybe in a few weeks. I have a week off from the 26th of September, but on the 26th I have an interview. We'll have to work out a time. :)

Cirque said...

The photos are gorgeous Sarah. The black and white ones always look so romantic...sigh....!