Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Australian Idol

Ok, so I don't usually care about Australian Idol, but I've been watching it and there is someone I can't stand.

Jeremy Bourke. He's acted like a loser in everything they've had, his voice is crap, in the group thingy he sulked, didn't listen to his team mates and stuffed up his words because he refused to practise.

He has absolutely nothing going for him, and yet the judges love him!!!! Kick his ass out I reckon.

People I do like are Ben Worthington (oh my lord, I know their names...) who's the big blonde guy with the great baritone happening, Milly who has a really interesting look and a great voice, and the guy with the piercings who has heaps of energy, he's got personality and a fun attitude. There was a girl whose name I didn't catch who had darker features and sung beautifully.

I reckon they have a pretty decent group this time around and I might actually watch it. It's good to see they have the right look as well as the talent!

I'm really glad that sulky chick who had the sore throat got kicked out. She was such a whiny pain in the ass!


Aki said...

BEN!!! BEN??? OMG! I know him! He was a good friend at the conservatorium!!! Why the hell aren't I watching!!!

Sarah said...

Ha! How funny!!! He's really good, I've been very impressed with him :-)