Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I went along to the Bilbys swim squad last night for the first time in about 6 months probably and loved it! I thought I'd drown, feel like a brick and wouldn't be able to swim more than 100m without stopping. It's been that long since I swam I was dreading going back!!

I swam about 2.3k (got a foot cramp that wouldn't go away for a while, and had to get out a bit early to get to a committee meeting, so missed about 500m in total), which is more than I expected, and I wasn't feeling too bad in the water. We did a set that included a 300m, and while my stroke was ugly, and my arms were heavy from being unfit, I managed it fine.

I definitely think I could have done the entire session without too much of a hassle. I was only in the slow lane, so the pace wasn't terribly fast, but of the 5 of us in that lane, I was the second person, and definitely faster than the 3 behind me, so that was good for the confidence!

I'm in a great mood today because of it as well, it was just what I needed, and I realised how much I enjoy swimming!

Today is beautiful and I brought my walking gear in today, but didn't get to go at lunchtime because I had lunch with a friend, so will go after work instead.

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miners said...

What's this? We're swimming again? That must have been one huge boost to the ego to find you haven't lost your water fitness after all that time. Great news Sarah!