Monday, January 09, 2006

Mmmmm shopping!!

Thanks Chris for the recommendation to check out Whole Foods Market which is an organic and natural foods supermarket.

It was a really cool shop! They had an awesome meat section with lots of fresh, tasty looking hams, legs of lamb, chicken, marinated meats, lunch meats and other exciting things that I haven't seen in Safeway. The fruit and vegies were all fresh, and the general range of food was fantastic and had a very similar range of foods that I'd expect to find in Australia, and much healthier than what I've seen in Safeway so far. They also have a great website with heaps of recipes on them which I'd like to try out.

I actually had a lot of fun exploring the shop! :-)

I daresay it's more expensive than Safeway, but I certainly wasn't looking at prices of things and being shocked at the price, I thought everything was fairly reasonable still.

We've been getting dinners delivered by Diet to Go over the last week or so in an attempt to eat healthy meals, and they aren't too bad, but there isn't as many vegies as I'd like in them.

So I think I'll go back to cooking and visit Whole Foods Market fairly regularly!

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