Friday, January 27, 2006

New car!

Woohoo, we finally get our new car! We ordered a Toyota Prius (a gas-electric hybrid) before we left Australia - probably early-mid November, as they said it would be a fairly long wait.

It was supposed to be here a couple of weeks ago, but it kept getting delayed, and they said it now wouldn't be until March that it arrived. So about a week or two ago we called another dealership who we heard had a couple of cars available due to cancellations, and our new car arrives tomorrow!

By tomorrow night we should have some car pics up :)


Cirque said...

Gee you must be settling in, calling it gas already! I drove a Prius the other day and they take a bit of getting used to. Fun, though!

Denise said...

Is it RED? is it, is it????? :)