Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Getting very Californian!

Last week we finally got number plates for our car in the mail (that took about 6 weeks for them to send), and today I got my Californian drivers license (which took about 5 weeks I think to send...).

I'm feeling very Californian now!

They've also finally started processing my work permit - yayyy!! They sent me a letter saying they needed more info - to my old address. So I managed to track the letter down, got all the extra info ready, and on the weekend lost the letter. D'oh.

So today I rang Immigration and they're resending the letter. So I'll hopefully have the letter again soon and can get the work permit further in motion!


Tesso said...

Have you started talking like a Californian yet? Picked up any cool new phrases or words?

They must love your accent!

Sarah said...

There's so many words that the Yanks just don't understand, so we're saying trunk rather than boot, sweater rather than jumper, gas rather than petrol, and things like that :)

What really cracks us up is that everyone uses the word "potty" as in "my dog's gotta go potty". And it's in a real Californian accent so potty sounds kinda like "party", and whenever we hear it we start giggling... :)

Oh and the word "toilet" is considered unpleasant, they use the term "rest room". If you ask where the toilets are, people look at you strangely. I guess it's the equivalent of the word "dunny"? :)