Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The joys of having a "kitten"

Our little Stumpy was a bit of a pain last night... I was out pretty much all day yesterday, so she didn't get much play time, so decided she'd play all night!

She's generally been really good at night - just sleeps at our feet and doesn't disturb us. One of her favourite games though has been pouncing on our wiggling toes under the sheet in bed. She has a ball chasing after our feet, but lately has discovered if she wants to play that game and we don't, all she needs to do is pounce on our feet anyway and stick her teeth and claws in, and the feet move anyway!

I don't know how many times I woke up last night squealing in pain because she was sinking her claws into my feet and legs! The vet thinks she could be as young as 8 or 9 months still, so I can't blame her.

She's a kitten at heart and in her mind, but her body is still recovering from the car accident, so we can't go nuts playing with her and wearing her out which is a shame. She loves to play, and will play on her own, and if we're playing with her, she'll play until we stop, and we stop pretty early as she looks as though her pelvis is aching/hurting if she plays too long. After a long play session, she sits with her right leg splayed out a fair bit, so we try not to play so hard or for too long that it gets to that point!

I'm spending plenty of time playing with her today, that's for sure! If she doesn't sleep tonight, she'll be banished from the bedroom!

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miners said...

Hey kitty kat girl - of course I tagged you!! You're the one and only Sarah - any others I meet are simply relegated to sarah1, sarah2, sarahwithbignose etc...