Sunday, June 11, 2006

Poor Stumpy

We took her back to the shelter yesterday to get her a shot to fix her tapeworms that she seems to have. I put her on the ground so she could walk around to show the vet tech how well she's walking now. He watched her for a minute and said "uh-oh, I think she's pregnant". She has a little round belly, which is most noticeable when you hold her up around her front legs and let her back legs dangle down.

Her nipples are poking out which I can't believe I didn't notice before. I guess the last cat we had was Cleo who was nursing and had huge nipples, so we were kinda used to that.

So she must have gotten pregnant just before she had her accident, since she's been at the shelter almost a month, and cats have 60 day pregnancies. Any further along and I guess she would have lost the babies when she got hit by the car.

Because having babies would be too dangerous for her given her injuries, I have to take her back to the shelter tomorrow to get spayed and the pregnancy taken care of. I guess they'll decide then whether she's recovered enough to go up for adoption or whether they want us to keep her for longer. Poor little girl!

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