Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What broken pelvis??

I carried Genevieve downstairs tonight so she could hang with me while I was watching tv, and she just raced around everywhere exploring then went tearing up and down the stairs. After that she managed to jump onto the couch and back off again before I could stop her!

Cats really are resilient. She seems happy to be running around and doesn't seem in pain, so I'll just have to make sure she only runs around for short periods then confine her to rest again.

She's currently decided she loves Andrew and is following him around like a shadow! She's running under his feet as he's walking just waiting for him to stop so she can get pats while purring non-stop.

1 comment:

miners said...

you have got to stop scaring me like that!! After the heart troubles, and the wisdom teeth, I get particularly freaked when I see a title like this one from you!