Monday, June 05, 2006

New foster kitty

We have another foster kitty for a couple of weeks. Her name is Genevieve and the poor thing was hit by a car and found injured at a nearby school. She suffered a broken pelvis and a damaged tail that has since been amputated.

The broken pelvis isn't TOO bad. It's not good, but it wasn't completely smashed, more fractured, with I think one small broken bit and it's ok enough that she can walk, albeit gingerly. So we'll keep her for probably 2-3 weeks while she recovers more. She'll pretty much be confined to our spare room so she doesn't move around too much, but she'll get more room to at least be able to stretch out and relax than at the shelter. She'll also get lots of people love which the poor little thing needs!

Oh, and the stitches in her tail are purple and look very cute :)

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Cirque said...

Poor baby. PLease give her a hug from me and Bella.