Friday, September 02, 2005

Blogger frustration

I don't if it's just me, but before when someone had commented on your blog, you'd click on their name and it would take you to their Blogger profile. From there on the bottom of the screen it would show their blogs, and you'd just click on their blog to get to their actual blog page.

Now when you click on someone's name it just shows their profile and doesn't have any links to their blog, so you can't read theirs, unless you know the actual blog address. If someone commented on my blog, I would always go to their blog and see what they've been upto. How annoying.


Aki said...

About the cakes, I had a great piano cake once, that had upside down white chocolate for the piano keyes and licorice for the flats and sharps. Does she like music?

Your walking seems to be going good! :)

Aki said...

What year was she born in? Maybe you can do a representation of that animal? Be funny if she's a pig, or a dog. :)

miners said...

Ah - I think the issue with the username profiles perhaps has to do with a few little security issues some of us faced in the last month or two Sarah - some of us were getting hit with blog-spam quite a bit and have set up some security systems on our pages.

Have a look at Plu's instructions for subscribing to bloglines - you'll never miss a posting ever again!!