Saturday, September 03, 2005

Still sore

Back's still sore and we were looking after a 6 year old (Ashlin, our flowergirl from the wedding) for most of the day. Nothing like the enthusiasm of a 6 year old when you've had a crap nights sleep to really wear you out! I got very tired and cranky by this arvo - lucky Andrew is the kind of guy who rather than getting cranky back, puts me to bed with a cup of tea and some panadol!

I had been planning on going for a ride tomorrow with Carolyne since we missed today's ride due to my back being sore. I think I'll give the ride a miss again. It would be nice to go for a swim, and our neighbour Kirsty is keen, but I'll just see how I go tomorrow.

I have a massage at 2pm (which was booked in 1 1/2 weeks ago) which has turned out to be very timely! I'm sure after a massage and an easy day tomorrow I'll be right for Monday.

This week I'd like to make swim squad once, go for at least 2 5k walks, and if I manage to bring my bike back from work and fix the seat, ride in to work at least once. Weather for the week is looking a bit dodgy, so I'll do more if I can, but I think that'll be about my limit!

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