Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chocolate Truffles

Sorry, this is more so I don't lose it. A friend gave it to me and said it's really good :-)

Chocolate Truffles

90g Butter
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
3 cups cocoa pops
300g Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
45g copha
1/4 cup granulated roasted nuts (optional)
90g milk melts

Beat butter & condensed milk until creamy, stir in the melted milk melts and granulated nuts, then place bowl in freezer until set. (more than 2 hours)

Roll mixture into balls (about the size of 10 cent coin) and roll in cocoa pops until covered. Place on baking tray (tray to be covered with grease proof paper) then put back into fridge while you melt the Cadburys chocolate and copha together.

Remove balls from fridge and dip one at a time into melted chocolate and copha. Allow excess chocolate to drain off before placing back on covered tray.

Leave in fridge until set. (overnight is probably good)


miners said...

oh dear - I don't think that was a good idea in this crowd ;)

Jen_runs said...

You mean I have to make them and leave them in the fridge overnight - you've got to be kidding ;-)