Sunday, May 21, 2006

Book update

I haven't mentioned the ol' books for a while! I haven't stopped reading though.

12th book was A man called Dave, the last in a series of three, about Dave Pelzer who was abused as a child. It was really interesting to see how he turned out - did well, but still obviously suffered from it late in life.

What else did I read.... I'm reading the Chronicles of Narnia, and so far have got through the Magicians Nephew, The Horse and his Boy, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Prince Caspian. Do they count as 4 books or is the whole thing one book?? I'm going to call it 4 books :D Anyway, so they're a nice read.

Blue Dahlia, Black Rose and Red Lily were 3 Nora Roberts books from the In the Garden series. They were really good, once again a nice read. Nora Roberts is good at doing "nice" books.

I'm currently trying to read 4 books which isn't really working. I should probably try to do one at a time... I'm reading Tracks - A woman's solo trek across 1700 miles of Australian Outback. I'm also reading The Lost German Slave Girl - a book based on a real story of a German girl who became a slave back in 1800's New Orleans. I'm still finishing the books in the Narnia series, and we also bought a book about the Freemasons - their history and who they are. I'm trying to hold off really getting into this one until I at least finish the others :)

So I think I'm up to 19 completed books at the moment for the year.

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