Tuesday, May 30, 2006


We went and saw X Men III last night and it was pretty good. I wouldn't say it was amazing, but it's left itself open for more, so I'm sure there will be.

One bit that was just stupid and I HAD to blog about was the scene on the bridge (and no this won't give anything away). Magneto is on the bridge with all the mutants and it's bright as day, he turns around and all of a sudden it's night time and the cars all have their headlights on, and the laboratory is ablaze with spotlights and things. They did not explain now it suddenly got to be dark, it just suddenly was.

They either cut out a huge scene from the movie, or filmed the first bit in daylight, then realised the effects look cooler in the dark, so just hoped nobody watching the movie would realise the time of day just completely changed. What sort of director would be proud of releasing a movie with such a glaring mistake?

There were more things I thought were just silly, but it's a movie and they need to use some sort of creative license so I'll leave it there! :)


ewen said...

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chrubuky said...

JEEZUS - We saw X-Men 3 last week & were baffled by the EXACT same spot in the movie. Daylight - darkness - jaws dropping - turning to each other to say "Did you just notice that?".

I dont know how it slipped past so many producers/actors/test audiences.

It's sad to think that movies makers have such high expectations of their audiences.